A Gray Area

When I love at my closest I see lots of blues and greens because those are my favorite colors. Another thing I love to have in my closest are neutral colors like gray. These colors look good with multiple colors which is why they are a must have in any wardrobe. I really like gray when it is paired with black, pink, or shades of blue.
A Gray Area
This sweater dress looks so comfortable and I love the red accessories with this first out fit. In this second outfit I have paired a beautiful gray skirt with a darker shade of blue. I love the shape this skirt makes because of how it is gathered in various places. My favorite accessories are the bracelet with the roses and the blue shoes!

Look One
Cowl Neck Sweater Dress $33 2cute2trendy.com
Capri Leggings $9.99 tillys.com
Red chronograph watch $77 debenhams.com
Red Purse $29 forever21.com
Red Dress Pump $13 amiclubwear.
Look Two
Sapphire stud earrings $46 littlewoods.com
Gray Rose Bracelet $34 fantasyjewelrybox.com
Zip-Side Tote $50 yesstyle.com
Miso Pleat Neck Top $31 republic.co.uk
Hitch Mini Skirt $69 - allsaints.com
'Bailey' Platform Pump $80 nordstrom.com
A Gray Area2
I absolutely love this lighter shade of blue and it loves fabulous with gray. I think this gray dress is so cute and casual and I wish I owned this gray jacket and the purse! This Betsey Johnson necklace adds some individually to the look.

Look 3
Lot78 Ziggy suede biker jacket $1,050 net-a-porter.com
Un-Teal the End of Time Bag $300 modcloth.com
FULL TILT Filigree Flower Headband $5.99 tillys.com
Betsey Johnson 'Under the Sea' Necklace $90 nordstrom.com
Dottie Moccasin shoes $20 delias.com
Skylar Knit Sweater Dress $45 delias.com
Elven Royalty Ring $55 adorevintage.com
Gray Area3

This last polyvore is full of random things that I like that are gray. That dress is my favorite item, because I think it is so elegant and feminine looking. I also love the blazer and could see myself pairing it with a pink top. Also I love that the sunglasses have a kind of purple tinted lenses.

Blazer $15 - sears.com
Skirt $20 - metroparkusa.com
Dress $580 - my-wardrobe.com
Wool Coat $90 - delias.com
Top $39 - shopruche.com
Shoes $93 - shopruche.com
Sunglasses $118 - pret-a-beaute.com
Bag $78 - yesstyle.com

Do you to wear gray? What colors do you think gray is best paired with?



  1. I love this post! :D I honestly don't see many people around here wearing gray, so I don't get as much inspiration as I'd like but this post is great ((: I love how you paired gray with other vibrant colours, yet made it look equally amazing with similarly-coloured pieces too! My favourite has to be look 3 ((: The girly pieces are so cute! But I love the accessories in the other two looks too. Awesome post! <3



  2. i'm in love with that gray motorcycle jacket! i think gray is a staple that everyone wears!
    Haute Californian

  3. i LOVE gray! it goes well w/ denim, nude, brights, darks, and just about everything! who can resist?

  4. I heart this post a lot. I absolutely love that teal bag, it is so cute. Gray goes with pretty much any color, I love to pair it off with bright vibrant pieces too like Gets, it helps to neutralize the whole look. =)

  5. OMG I loove the grey palette. Amazing pieces over here


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