A Fair Day

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all of the local fairs, festivals, and carnivals that seem to scattered over the state each week. They give you a chance to get outside every weekend and enjoy. I love the combination of crafts and music and all of the carefree activities. It provides a great chance to unwind after a busy week. It is nearly impossible to go to a carnival and not partake in the nearly equally impossible to win games. But winning isn't important. The games are all about being silly and being able to laugh at yourself. I always choose a pink duck in the game pictured above. No carnival is complete without a Ferris Wheel. Don't you love the ride to the stop so you can get a view of the entire fairground? I've never been a fan of roller coasters but I love the classic rides that fill local carnivals. There is something extremely nostalgic about these rides. And who can forget about all of the delicious junk food. My favorite is the funnel cake. It has became kind of like a special food to me because I love them but I only ever get one a few times each year when I attend a local fair.

♥ Sunny

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  1. oh i love fairs, ours is coming up in VA. and i just went on my first ferris wheel ride, its so cool. as of junk food funnel cake and fried oreos are my favs.


  2. i absolutely love fairs! i went to one in the beginning of the summer and had the most amazing time! my favorite part is the funnel cakes! they're sooo good :)
    Haute Californian

  3. Inspiring pics, as always. You always have the best ones


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