To The Letter

One thing that I love to receive is mail. I am not talking about sale papers, magazines, catalogs, or any junk mail. I am talking about letters or cards from people that you care about. Personal mail from family and friends can brighten your mood no matter what. Receiving a handwritten letter just gives a person that warm and fuzzy feelings. Email is so impersonal with the typed font and it having to be seen on the computer screen. I think email is useful but it is a cheaper version of a REAL letter.
E-mail may be quick and easy but it just doesn't have the same impression that snail mail does. Snail mail shows the viewer that you care enough to take the time to send them something that they can hold onto. It also shows that you were really thinking about them before you sent them mail. You took the time to hand write them a message, you made sure you had stamps and envelopes, and then you dropped the letter in the mail box for the mail man to take.
I think that handwriting a letter is so much more personal than just sending an email. I find that when I am actually handwriting something I take time to think about what to write and what I want to say. In an email I want to be done quick and with the least amount of time possible, so I don't really say a lot. On a friend or family members birthday it is so easy to make them feel special my sending a letter or card with a handwritten note. I also think it makes them fill special when they open it and confetti and glitter falls out! Another thing that handwritten letters are better at than an email are love letters. By personalizing a handwritten love letter and adding those special touches you are making the person you are giving it to feel so special and adored. Think about all those love stories and movies you have seen where someone receives a beautifully written love letter. Can you imagine the impact it would have had as a love email?
I always get so excited when I open the mail box and see a REAL letter just waiting to be opened and read. Email is used so often and a person gets so many things in their inbox each day that it just is not special. Getting a REAL letter in the mail is rare, which makes it all the more special.
Don't you feel special when you receive a handwritten note from a family member, friend, or loved one?


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  1. oh, I love mails too :)
    I always get happy when someone sends me something by post!

  2. well i don't write love letters but your right its always better by hand, and you can never go wrong with something sent by by post.


  3. oh i aodre getting (and sending) mail. sweet little notes that dont really mean anything cept that they love you are the best!
    looooove the snail mail pic!

  4. me and my friends loved writing each other notes in high school! it's a really fun way to past time and be creative!
    Haute Californian

  5. I so agree!
    When I was on holiday this summer, I sent out about 7, and received 7 in return :)
    Very happy indeed.

    Lovely blog, am following!

  6. Loooove it :)))


  7. This is so true! I love this post and all the pictures, especially the snail one :) x

  8. Those pictures are positively adorable! :)


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