Catch a Few ZZZzz's

When I was in high school and middle school I loved to have sleepovers. One of the things that I looked to forward during the school year was getting to invite my friends over for sleepovers or going to their houses for sleepovers. We didn't really get a lot of sleep on those nights because we were too busy having fun. There are certain things that every girl needs for a sleepover: cute pajamas, a sleeping bag, and a bag to carry everything in.
When looking for pajamas I found all of these cute pajamas at Old Navy. I think the slippers are so cute.

Pajama Set 1
Old Navy Womens Thermal Henley Tops $15 - oldnavy.gap.com
Holiday Sleepover Duffle, Coco Dot $69 - pbteen.com
Juicy Couture Hair Bands $25 - nordstrom.com
Printed Roll-Up Lounge Pants $10 - oldnavy.gap.com
Stripe Footbed Slippers $24 - monsoon.co.uk
Sleeping Bag Dot/Bright Pink pbteen.com

Sleepover 2
I paired every set with hair bands or a headband, because in the evenings I am always pulling my hair back out of my face. This Vera Bradley Headband is adorable.

Pajama Set 2
Thermal Henley Tops $15 - oldnavy.gap.com
Totes Terry Bow Slippers, Lilac $21 - johnlewis.com
Vera Bradley Blooming Headband $9 - verabradley.com
Printed Roll-Up Lounge Pants $10 - oldnavy.gap.com
Holiday Sleepover Toiletry Bag $29 - pbteen.com
Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bag (Purple) $13 - amazon.com

This is my favorite set of pajamas shown. I love the greens and blue together. Since this look has a cami for the top I added in a cute robe, to wear to keep warm in cooler temperatures.

Pajama Set 3
2-Color Striped Cozy Socks $5 - oldnavy.gap.com
Lace-Trim Shelf-Bra Camis $11 - oldnavy.gap.com
Summer Sleeping Bag, Malibu Dot/Green $99 - pbteen.com
Juicy Couture 'Charms' Hair Bands $25 - nordstrom.com
Printed Roll-Up Lounge Pants $9.99 - oldnavy.gap.com
Fleece Robe (Medium Heather Grey) $40 - ae.com
Handknit Clog Slippers $32 - johnlewis.com

Sleepover Necessities

You want to have a lot of fun and plenty of time to talk at your sleepovers. Every sleepover needs a ton of movies to watch all throughout the night. Of course you need lots and lots of junk food like pizza, chips, and icecream to eat during the movies. Magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue are needed to look at fashion trends. Pretty nail polish shades are needed so you can paint each other nails. Facials are also good for sleepovers too.

What do you need for your sleepovers?


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  1. love sleepovers. prolly cuz im still in high skool. lol.


  2. love this!
    amazing blog! come follow I will follow back!


  3. sleepovers were always the best!! ^_^ the best part was the snacks and chit chatting all night long!

  4. That's a great idea for a blog post! It's perfect, I'll make a post about my closet, I think you will love it.

  5. thanks i like the jacket too, but im in desperate need of skinny light blue jeans!! :( haha
    andd i loved sleepovers when i was younger, best things about the end of the week was having friends around to stay!! :) x

  6. I was never allowed to attend sleepovers! Sad, I know...

    ***** Marie *****

  7. yay i LOVE sleepovers! everyweekend! xx

  8. oreos for me are definitely a must for sleepovers :) Great post!!

    xo, gina

  9. i really miss being young after reading this post! aw.


  10. Awwww. This was such a splendid trip down memory lane. I really miss sleepovers. And cute pajamas! All I wear are old shirts now...


  11. sweet blog! I love sleepovers too... it's so cosy!


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