Moi, tu, et Chanel

"A girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel Over the last several years I have developed a huge love and fascination with Chanel. I love the elegance and class it has. I love the Parisian feel. These are quite possibly the number one item on my wish list. I love the perfection to these with their pale pink feminine bows with the tiny Chanel symbol. Chanel flats will always be timeless. I think every girl would love to have a Chanel handbag (or two or three) sitting in her closet. A pink Chanel handbag! This was love at first sight. And it goes perfectly with this girls coat. I love its scalloped edges. Wouldn't it be great to sit front roll at a Chanel fashion show and watch on as designs go down the runway? Below I've created two looks for the same Chanel jacket. You would totally knock everyone off of their feet if you walked into an important meeting dressed in this look. This outfit is a little conservative and totally sophisticated. I added burgundy shoes and a burgundy Chanel handbag to play up the little burgundy found in the dress.

Chanel Jacket - vestiairedecopines.com
Pumps $255 - farfetch.com
Chanel Handbag - authenticbagsforless.com
Chanel Earrings $490 - farfetch.com
Chanel Dress harpersbazaar.com
Chanel Pearls luminouslips.com
This look is a fun look that would be great for hitting the town or attending a special event. The dress and shoes are ultra feminine.

Chanel Jacket - vestiairedecopines.com
Chanel Shoes - vestiairedecopines.com
Chanel Earrings $564 - asos.com
Rose Brooch $300 - mytheresa.com
Chanel Sunglasses $345 - sunglasses-shop.co.uk
Dress - elle.com
Chanel Handbag - item.rakuten.com
Chanel Lipstick - chanel.com
Chanel Nail Polish - doitinparis.com

These looks are very expensive but a girl can dream. And even if you can only afford to add a couple high end designer items to your closet, I am a total advocate of mixing and matching with lower cost items. Plus, I can picture dozens of looks for this one jacket.

♥ Sunny

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  1. I love this shoes! Now I put it in my wishlist hihi :D

    Amo ♥

  2. Chanel ♥. I love it when it is pronounced the american way :)

  3. really who doesnt love this amzing woman and the brand she made.


  4. chanel flats are indeed timeless. I love the bags and I would really like a small black with the chain.. It always gives you some extra fashion points :p

  5. Chanel has some nice stuff. Maybe one day I will own some.


  6. chanel is amazing.
    i love the pink bag as well.
    agree with you about the classic quilted purse!!

  7. Lovely sets!:D I really like the 2nd.:D

    Ah, Chanel! Amazing brand!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. ahh...chanel... so utterly fabulous : )

  9. Chanel is life, is art is love. LOVE CHANEL

  10. aah wouldn't it be super amazing if I had those..
    love this post!


  11. I LOVE Chanel!!! And definitely wouldn't mind have a Chanel bag in my closet. :) Love this post!


  12. *sigh. looking at those pictures reminded me of how poor i am hahaha. great post though. i really love the pictures!

  13. very cute channel flats. the thing about girls/ teens/ young adult wearing stuff like this is 1) people think we're spoiled brats 2) assume they're fake

    but it doesn't stop me anyways haha. i always borrow my mom's channel

  14. Love that flats!!I wish I have black Chanel 2.55 bag!

  15. I love Chanel!
    Have you seen my giveaway?!

  16. OMG i would die from happyness if somebody give me a Chanel bag!!! I may get a Chanel No.5 parfume for my b-day in March ^.^ I adore it so much!!!

  17. Chanel is the epitome of class. J'adore Chanel.

    Alice X


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