hey it's okay

We have seen in Glamour how they do an It's Okay to... list and we LOVE it! So we decided to create our own.

Hey it's okay...

To eat dessert first.

If you don't have time for facebook, twitter, and all of those other social websites.

If you parttake in gossip every now and then.

If you are already excited for Christmas in the middle of October.

If you hear a sad song and cry because it totally relates to you.

If you skip going out with friends to stay home and watch Grey's Anatomy.

If you wear the same outfit twice in one week because you are too lazy to do the laundry.

If you would rather reread that article in Vogue than watch the evening news.

If you are jealous of that girl who's well traveled, has the greatest job, making a ton of money, and who has that goregous home.

If you take a nap in the middle of the day.

Sunny & Star

Via: WeHeartIt


  1. How pretty! I'm thinking about making reviews videos and I would love to know what you'd like to see/ know about what products and so on..

  2. I love this list, it's such a wonderful idea!

  3. SO love the List.


  4. Sunny... I don't understand!... Are you sad because I don't write always the traslation from italian to English?

    Some post are about italian events, italian television, so I think it isn't interesting for people of other nationality!!

  5. you make my hungry too!:D
    really beautiful pictures! great ideas, photos, inspiration! ;)

  6. Love this post! Beautiful photos :) x

  7. Too cute! I am excited for christmas in the mid of october. Love the holidays. xx

  8. Do any of u think cats look like little dinosaurs?

  9. You know what? I want to sleep! That last pic makes me want to sleep

  10. hahaha I always see this in the Glamour and I love it! they are sooo true!



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