Faux Real

Instead of wearing leather and fur, why can't you just be more animal friendly and just wear the fake? I think that faux leather or faux fur look just as good as the real stuff and it doesn't cost as much either.
Faux Real

In the look the jacket, heels, and bag are made out of faux leather. This look is simple yet beautiful. I love the detailing on the shoes and the gold paired with the brown.

floral belted rara dress $30 - janenorman.co.uk
Faux Leather Back Heels $15 - amiclubwear.com
First Kiss Faux-Leather Jacket $60 - kohls.com
Gold Elephant Ring $25 - modcloth.com
Gold Tiered Earrings $42 - charmandchain.com
Faux-Leather Tote $38 - yesstyle.com

Faux Real 2

I love that this look is feminine yet tough. The ruffles in the top and the pink accessories work to achieve the feminine look, but the faux leather skirt, ankle boots, and motorcycle jacket toughen up the look.

Addison Moto Jacket $56 - delias.com
R-BowCouture Cut Ring $58 - zappos.com
Kenneth Jay Lane Gilded Bracelet $59 - zappos.com
Bow Wish Necklace $58 - zappos.com
Cream ruffle sleeve top $35 - dorothyperkins.com
Love is a Bag-lefield $44 - modcloth.com
Faux Leather Ankle Boot $30 - amiclubwear.com
Willow Faux Leather Skirt $700 - net-a-porter.com

Faux Real 3

This casual look combines faux leather, with the bag and boots, with a faux fur vest. This look is easy to put together but can look like you actually spent time on your appearance.

Democracy of Nevermind Faux Fur Vest $130 - barneys.com
Betsey Johnson MultiStone Earrings $40 - nordstrom.com
Ink long-sleeve scoop neck top $11 - dorothyperkins.com
Faux Leather Knee Height Boots $40 - amiclubwear.com
Dior Vernis Nail Enamel $21 - nordstrom.com
Victoria Beckham skinny jeans $295 net-a-porter.com
Faux Leather Satchel $90 - nordstrom.com
Sense and Sensibility' Necklace $17 - dawanda.com

Faux Real 4

Here is a feminine floral print dress paired with a faux fur vest. Again I love pairing the brown vest and boots with gold accessories. For a pop of color I added the red bag.

Charlotte Fur Vest $55 - delias.com
Faux Leather Flat Boots $26 - amiclubwear.com
Icon Wish Charm Bracelet $92 - zappos.com
Vintage Floral Print Dress $95 - bowsandbandits.com
CHANEL LE VERNIS NAIL COLOUR $23 - nordstrom.com
Phone White Enamel Ring $180 - coggles.com
KENNETHJAYLANE Clover Pendant $130 pret-a-beaute.com
Faux-Leather Satchel with Strap $22 - yesstyle.com

Faux Real 5

Here is a mix of faux items that I find absolutely beautiful. My favorite piece here is the plaid jacket with the faux fur trimmed hood. I love all of the colors in this jacket.

Jayden Peacoat $63 - delias.com
Slouchy Faux Suede Knee Boot $69 - ardenb.com
Logan Plaid Peacoat $50 - delias.com
Faux Leather Vintage Bag $45 - amazon.com
Faux Leather Military Jacket $18 - wetseal.com
Faux Fur Vest $39 - uniqlo.com
Faux-Leather Pleated Handbag $38 - yesstyle.com
Faux Leather Aviator Jacket $55 - desireclothing.co.uk

Do you own any faux fur or leather items? What is your opinion on them?



  1. fo real, pleather is your friend! killing animals for clothing is like really bad, dont do it!


  2. LOOKS the same but if you touch it, you can feel the difference. Anyway, i agree w/ ya.

  3. ohhh leather gives you that touch, is amazing. I'm really addicted to those series I can't resist

  4. great post! I agree. I hate real fur and have never purchased any in my life and never intend to either, I think the faux stuff is just as good!


  5. Love everything!! Nice blog!! xoxo

  6. Great post totally love the fourth outfit xoxo

  7. thanks once again!! :)

  8. I like the brown satchel. Thanks for the tips. Come by and visit me when you have time.


  9. wauuuw all great pics, lovely post!

    great blog too :)


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  10. ou i love the leather skirt. i'm not sure if the leather i have are real or not haha! they're mostly from my mom but i'm not really into wearing fur, I think it's kinda scary.

  11. Thanks for the advices, usefull as this post ^^ Always nice :)

  12. i LOVE the first oufit, is so cute
    and Jensen Ackles i sooooo hot xD i have dreams of him too hahahha
    nice blog, i follow u ;)

  13. While I like real fur, I don't see a problem with wearing fake fur, especially if it saves an animal's life. I am strongly against animal cruelty.


  14. now i have some ideas! Tanks!


  15. i love those outfits! i agree no need to wear real fur and hurt the cute animals. i own fake fur and leather haha

  16. I really love the third outfit..That is such a great post!Kisses and have a wonderful day
    Thanks for your lovely comment...so sweet of you

    Ps: I am hosting a ban.do headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!

  17. Exactly! I wonder what was in those people's mind when they are wearing those real fur? When actually faux fur is no less FAB?! I love every set you post! Floral prints are all PRETTY!

    Have a more than great one, darl! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  18. I love the first and fourth look especially! I don't wear real fur, but can't live without leather. I do understand if people opt for pleather though, but I hope they never throw their fake leather away, since that's the stuff that can't be broken down in landmines. I think Stella McCartney has received flak, for the fact that her animal friendly stuff is actually harmful to the environment, so I guess we lose either way...

  19. Love this blog and your all clothes,but my favourite your chance are numbers three and four.Follow y blog.Hope you follow my blog too,if you want :D

    Friendly greetings,

  20. Wauww I love this so much! I think it's absolutly amazing when you combined leather with fur!



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