It's What's On the Inside

As a little kid I was also excited at the idea of a pinata. They are so beautiful and colorful that you are not quite sure if you want to bust them or not....... BUT the temptation to know what is inside is just to much! You take turns trying to bust the pinata with your friends and the tension builds as another person goes and the pinata STILL remains intact. It is always a delightful surprise when the wonderful little gifts of candy and small toys come pouring out of the pinata. Afterwards there is still more fun as you rush to collect some of the small treasures for yourself.
I love all of the different shapes and colors that you can get pinatas in. You can easily obtain a pinata for any party theme and you can fill them with whatever you want to.


Via:Birthday Express


  1. what a lovely post!! the owl is so cute!! :)

  2. The Owl is so cute.


  3. Aww too cute! I love pinata up until now. Haha

  4. i love in that hidden vally commercial they break it open and find veggies. i must say i love the dinosuar one.



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