Listen to the Music

One thing that I love to do and seldom get to is to go to concerts. I always have so much fun when I am at a concert with my sisters or with friends. Getting to see a live performance by a singer or band that I love is just so exciting. There is just something special about listening to live music verus a recorded version. Concerts always provide great music and sometimes they are amusing in other ways. We have seen musicians almost get into fights, arguments in the crowd, and hilarious drunken behaviors by other members of the crowd.
I love the feeling you get being at a concert. The energy of the crowd is just amazing and the entertainers put on a great show.
I always get surprised by special effects at concerts. I always get so fascinated by shiny confetti and streamers.
Another thing that I find so fascinating is the lighting affects. I love how the lights can tame the crowd by causing them to focus on a single musician.
When I go to a concert I want to wear something comfortable like one of the outfits above. For me jeans or capris are a must at a concert. A nice music tee or concert tee is comfortable and also relates to the event. Comfy shoes or flats are great for moving around and standing for a long time. I also need a small bag or wristlet to carry my ids and money in but nothing too big that will get heavy and bothersome. A headband is a great way to push my hair out of my face and of course I will need a camera to take some awesome pictures of the event.
Outfit 1
I Heart Music $13 - tillys.com
Skinny Jeans $50 - ae.com
Vera Bradley Wristlet $25 - verabradley.com
Pink Belt $14 - johnlewis.com
Women’s Skater Shoe $50 - endless.com
Camera $150 - bestbuy.com

Outfit 2
Black Head Band $45 - barneys.com
Black and Gold Bag $58 - piperlime.gap.com
Black Belt $19 - dorothyperkins.com
Gold Flat $46 - kurtgeiger.com
Music Note Tee $20 - delias.com
AE Artist Jeans $40 - ae.com


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  1. I love concerts too! they always do something different and amaze me :)

  2. Love the concert!!!!! And love the outfit!!

  3. I couldn't agree more....I love the atmo ♥

  4. I tag you ladies in my blog


  5. I finally let me my go on the balcony and the bird managed to go to another balcony (i can't imagine what would have happened if it didn't, i would have had to clean up the dead body, yuurk !)

  6. ive never been but really want to. maybe to a real anomous band no one has ever heard of or something. an outside one would be my fave.



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