Sweet Dreams

At home my favorite room in the house is my bedroom. It is the one room in the house that expresses my personality and likes. You can learn a lot about a friend or family member just by seeing their bedroom. My bedroom is my sanctuary, where I can escape from my hectic every day life. Below I have included pictures of bedrooms that I am in love with.
Jackie Kennedy's Bedroom

While looking for pictures of beautiful bedrooms I came across a website that had white house bedrooms. The above is a picture of Jackie Kennedy's bedroom. This bedroom is sophisticated, elegant, and absolutely gorgeous.

This is the most adorable little princess bed ever. I would have loved to have had this room as a little girl.

This looks like the most comfortable bed ever! I love all of the pillows, the design of the headboard, and that stunning chandelier.

This is my favorite room that I have pictured. I love the turquoise color and the pops of orange. Another artistic feature that I love about this room is the white tree painted above the head of the bed.

We all keep things in our bedroom that make us happy and that help us to relax. For instance, I love having the color green in my room, a teddy bear, tons of books that I have read and plan to read, and great smelling candles. What do have to have in your bedroom?


Via: Mirror Mirror, Genuine Style, The Swelle Life, Modern Interior Design, Flickr


  1. wowser! love THE VICTORIAN pink room!!

  2. I love them all, but the last pic is my fav!! So gorgeous!!

    XOXO, CC


  3. I love the pictures you posted! My favorite is defintely of Jackie Kennedy's bedroom. It looks fit for royal! I wouldn't ave ever guessed it was her bedroom, I wouldve thought it was one of a queen!

    And I LOVE the little girl's room! If I ever have a girl I will do my best to make a room as adorable as that!

    And my room sounds verrrry similar to yours! I LOVE the color green so I try my best to have that incorporated into my room. I also love books and I always have a book by my bedside. And CANDLES! I love vanilla scented candles. I also love to have pictures of my family and of my boyfriend.

    Great post btw! <3

  4. Those are beautiful photos! My fave is also the last one! But those princess rooms are so adorable!

    My room is blue i have a fire place, my art, the desk that is very important cuz i spend most of my time on it. It's next to fire place so i'm always warm. I have pics, a board with stuff from concerts, events and all the stuff that i pin on that i have a memory on it.

  5. these are beautiful bedrooms! i have books in my room too - on my sidetable. :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. big, fluffy, comfy. love it. my room is still stuck in my fourth grade state, all pink and butterfly-y. sigh.


  7. OMG how i wish my bed looks like that!


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