Trick or Treat

As part of our October posts we want to incorporate Halloween themed topics. With this being the first of October I know a lot of people are already planning their Halloween costumes. We all want plenty of time to get a costume together and to ensure that we have made the right decision. I also love the idea of giving your pets a costume like in the picture above. It would be easy to make a mane for an orange cat and then you have a miniature lion!
I think of Halloween as a magical time of the year. You can be anything or anyone that you want to be. I prefer costumes that are clearly not everyday wear. I want something unique and beautiful. Below are some of my ideas for a wonderful Halloween costume.

Geisha Girl
This is a great way to go as something beautiful and to incorporate something international. A gorgeous kimono and beautiful hairstyle go a long way in completing this costume.

This is a great costume if you are going for something very elegant and graceful.

When I found this picture I knew I wanted to use it in my post. I love how creative this girl was. She took a beautiful blue dress, which can be used at time. Then she found some peacock feather patterened fabric and made a peacock tail that she tied around her waist. Some pretty eye makeup and feathers in her hair finish this creative look.

This look is so beautiful! If you are creative enough to make a dress this beautiful that incorporates butterfly details you can make an amazing butterfly for Halloween. I would finish this look of with some fabulous heels and maybe a set of wings.

This is my absolute favorite idea! You get to be something that is beautiful, feminine, graceful, and magical!
I included this fairy incase you wanted to be a more colorful fairy. I favor the first fairy though.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?


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  1. omg i want the same wig for my cat xD

    yeah i guess that i will be going as elvira :)

    i love halloween cause i can be super crafty in this time of the year, i knit fake spider webs, i make ghost shaped cookies and soaps and i give it to all my friends :)

  2. That's a lot of pretty costumes. I am inspired to dress up. Halloween is not celebrated here so boohooo... But I do miss living back in California and going trick or treating.

  3. i love the butterfly and fairy ones. this year im being johny from the show off cartoon network called ed, edd, and eddy. in other words i carry around a plank with a face drawn on. not very exciting, but an easy costume.


  4. Hahahaha love love love the lion cat!!! I like that the geisha doesn't have her face painted completely white... beautiful.

  5. I Love the cat. I'm not being anything for Halloween.


  6. haha LOVING the cat with the mane!

    ps thanks for stopping by my blog : ) enjoying my visit to yours!

  7. Unfortunately here in Portugal don't party too much for Halloween! Love the photos!

  8. I'm going to be a sushi roll.

  9. Beatiful pic. The first one is too cute. I haven't decided what I'll be wearing yet for halloween.

  10. haha! oh that cat is so cute! (:

  11. great costume ideas! i really like the idea of costume for pets. the first picture is just way too cute! :)

    <3, Mimi


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