Arcades are wonderful places to have a ton of fun with friends, siblings, or even by yourself. I love Arcades that have a huge mixture of games. I love all of the sounds and lights in an Arcade. You can here the clings and clangs, beeps and buzzes, and music of the machines. But you can also here the people whether they are talking to each other or their game. You can hear their cries of happiness at winning or congratulations being given. A lot of the machines have lights and flashes that just create a beautiful affect on the room and the people.

You can enjoy an arcade at any age. They are sure to have games for teens, adults, and little kids. Maybe even some retro games that your grandparents played in their younger years.

These coin operated machines can provide hours of amusement and entertainment. You can challenge your friends to see who will get that ultimate high score.

Some of my favorites are the classics.


This is probably the game that I have played the most! It is so much fun to try to keep the little ball in motion.
Skee Ball

This game ALWAYS makes me thing of bowling, because I have to roll the ball to score the most points.

Pacman is probably my favorite arcade game. I love the retro pacman games! Trying to eat all of the dots and avoid the ghosts provides so much excitement.
The CLAW Machine

This game only takes a minute to play and can gave you an immense sense of satisfaction if you manage to snag a prize.

What's your favorite arcade game?


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  1. I like pacman and also the bowling game.


  2. i just recently discovered the arcade at a camp i go to. its quite interesting , we enjoyed Dora Chutes and Ladders.


  3. Skee ball and air hockey!! Or anything else that give me tickets ;-)

  4. I'm right with you on the Pacman! When i was growing up, there was a small arcade across the street that I would visit almost every day. I miss those days when things were as simple as a video game! :)

    Very cool post!

  5. I haven't been to one of those in so long!

  6. These seem like some fun games, Haven't tried them in a while.

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