Cute as a Button

Buttons are a simple way to add detail and beauty to any item or look. Buttons can be found in a variety of materials such as plastic, brass, metal, and even wood! You can use buttons to add a pop of color or a small pattern to something. If you find an article of clothing that you like or have something old that you want to change, buttons are a cheap and effective way to do that.

Look One
Cute as a Button
This dress had small spots of blue in it that I love. Several items here have buttons added, one that I would over look at first glance. The shoes are goregous and the buttons on them just add to them. Plus, I love the silver button bracelet.

Look Two
Cute as a Button 3

I love the color combination to this look brown, blue, and orange. I could see myself wearing this to work. I LOVE the gold buttons on the sweater and the buttons on the necklace.

Look Three
Cute as a Button 2

I think this is a cute casual look that I would wear out with friends. I absolutely love the cardigan. It is my favorite color! Plus the buttons (and it is hard to see in this photo) are green with white polka dots, which is so cute. I also love all the buttons on this necklace. You could use this idea and find buttons that you love to make your own necklace with.

Cute Buttons under $50
Cute as a Button4

All of this items are beautifully decorated with buttons and are under $50! My favorite items here are the first dress and the vest.

Cute Buttons

If you are looking for some buttons to brighten up and old look or to change a new item, I would look for some unique buttons. I would want to add buttons that are uniquely shaped or colored. Buttons that are decorated with a cute print or shape will add interest to any look.


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  1. I love the button Earring.


  2. I prefer look one!! :D

    I'll do a post about buttons too :p


    Amo ♥

  3. so cute! i have these button earings im addicted to wearing.


  4. That card is so adorable and I love all the outfits:) What a sweet post
    Kisses, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  5. Star I need you to come check out my blog please!!!

  6. Hey Beutiful Blog girlies! x im a new follower and lovee the teal button earings Love Love Love!!
    i see you won my bows on camilles giveaway! thats great , hope to see a post on them and hopefully a pic of them being worn :) x
    sophie-lou x


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