Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to think about all of the things you are thankful for. Even though I can think of a lot of things that I am thankful for here are a quick ten.


I am always thankful for my family. They are here for me whenever I need any help. They take care of me when I am sick and help me get to feeling better. We also go on AMAZING shopping trips, like I did this past weekend with my oldest sister.


I am thankful for my friends because they always have my back. We have such great times together.

My family and friends help me create so many wonderful memories.


I am thankful for Fridays, because they offer a much needed rest and chance to have fun.


Cats are my favorite animal. I am so thankful for my sweet little cat. He looks similiar to the ones in the photos above.

While, some people may wish they never had to do math at all, I LOVE MATH!
I am so thankful my wonderful job involving math, it is a job that I love so much.


I am very thankful for scrapbooking. This is a great hobby and a way to showcase wonderful memories.


I am thankful for cameras because they provide me with lots and lots of photos, that I can pick from when making scrapbooking pages.


Libraries are simply fantastic. I am so thankful to them for providing me with an escape from reality in the form of a good book.

"Just Because" Cards

I love receiving cards. I know most of receive cards for birthdays and for Christmas, but I am most thankful for "just because" cards. Cards that provide you with a good laugh or that wish you a great day.

Our Followers

One new thing that I am thankful for, that I have never had a reason to be thankful for before are our blog followers! This is the first Thanksgiving that we have had a blog, so it is the first time we have had blog followers to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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  1. You're very welcome :).
    Don't worry i like maths too, it's kind of reassuring because it's so logical ! I mean, you're either right or wrong and there's just one way to be right. And yes, sometimes simplicity helps.

  2. love the tgif thing! brilliant letter to math as well but is it bad i didnt get the math joke...


  3. Love your Post. I did the same thing today on my blog.

    I loved Math in school.


  4. pretty sweet images!
    following you!!!!!!!!


  5. Oh this is a brilliant post idea, may have to steal it! :)

    But yeas, I think out your list, friends family and camera are the three I most relate to.
    OH and of course the scrapbooking, though maybe not my ultimate priority.

    But for me, I'm also thankful for the sun and the beauties in this world.

    P.s I have a new post also! :)


  6. Aww, this is such a sweet post. And I can't help but love anything with kitties in it!


  7. fridays and math! gotta love em :)

    xo, gina


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