Once Upon A Time...

Fairy tales have endured the test of time. Our parents told us fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, and many others as bedtime stories just as their parents did for them. Even now as an adult I indulge in a good fairytale every now and then.
As a young child I believed in fairy tales. All of the magic, good always triumphed over evil, and everyone lived happily ever after. My sisters and I would play pretend fairy tale games. We could have hours of fun. Now, I know that life isn't all fairy tales. Good does not always triumph and all of us haven't met our Prince yet.
I can definitely agree with Audrey Hepburn on this topic. I still read fairy tales and I still love them. Even if I know the world isn't always a fairy tale, it is nice to escape from my every day life when I read a good book. In fairy tales even the best people have to endure some hardships before they get their happily ever after.
My copies of these fairy tales are not as elaborately detailed as these, but I still love them.
One day I hope I own some books as beautiful as these.
Perhaps, the reason I love fairy tales is because every one does live happily ever after. Life may not have always been easy for the protagonist of a fairy tale, but things just had a way of turning around. Cinderella was treated like a maid by her step-mother and step-sisters, but then one night she met her Prince and her life drasticly changed. Sleeping Beauty had to hide out with fairies until she could live her happily ever after.
Hopefully we will all find our happily ever afters and live... well Happily Ever After.


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  1. I'm still completely taken by fairy tales! I have an old book of Italian Fairy Tales from my Grandfather that was his when he was a little boy in Italy. It's on of my favorite books. I'm passing on a little blog award to you! just pop on over to my blog to claim it! (http://chasingtheextraordinary.blogspot.com/)

  2. i just babysat two kids who had never heard of most fairy tales, like snow white or rapunzel. i had lots of fun acting the stories out with them.


  3. And the award goes to...you!!


    Your blog is such a delight. And thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my posts!

  4. Oh fairy-tales are the best! I have a big, old book of them that I love to look through every once in a while. :)

  5. this was such a good post - I used to LOVE fairy tales, maybe I need to revisit reading them :)

  6. I love this.. <3

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  7. Fairy tales make me so happy, but they have unfortunately set my expectations on real life too high. But still, its nice to dream :)


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