Gift of Glam

If you are looking forward to going to a New Year's Eve Party this year, I hope you have a wonderful time. Maybe you are going to one that is not casual and you have been thinking of what to wear? I am not planning on attending any parties where I will have to actually get dressed up, but it would be fun. Below I have put together a few outfits that I wouldn't mind wearing to a New Year's Eve Party.

Look One
Gift of Glam3

I love this one shoulder navy dress. I think it is so pretty. I love pairing navy with white, so all of the accessories have pearls.

Ivory faux fur cape $47 debenhams.com
Drape & Embellished Dress $54 desireclothing.co.uk
Pearl and bow drop earrings $10 dorothyperkins.com
Glass-Pearl Chain $40 whitehouseblackmarket.com
Sequin Box Clutch $48 nordstrom.com
Bow Head Pearls Bracelet $6.16 m-butterfly.co.uk
Darrina Platform Pump $65 endless.com

Look Two
Gift of Glam

Look two pairs silver and black with a touch of pink for color. For holiday parties I always picture dresses that have some kind of sparkle or glitter. I find this ruffle clutch and the cameo bracelet so adorable!

Drop waist dress $189 bluefly.com
PINK PLATFORM PUMPS $25 sourpussclothing.com
Charity Ball Bolero $49 modcloth.com
Soft Merino Tights $65 lagarconne.com
Silver Stars Dangle Earrings $9.99 spencersonline.com
Vintage Cameo Bracelet $24 girlzlyfe.com
Pink CZ Cocktail Ring $88 fantasyjewelrybox.com
ASOS Chiffon & Satin Ruffle Clutch $45 asos.com

Look Three
Cocktail Dresses

Look three is my Party Look on a Budget, every piece shown is $38 or under. This beautiful gold dress is ONLY $15!! Talk about a great deal. I love how romantic and feminine this shawl looks and with this tube top style dress you definitely need something to cover your shoulders and arms. This treble clef bangle is my favorite accessory in this post. It is so cute and simple.

Sweet Sarah Shawl $29.95 victoriantradingco.com
Buttons and Bows Heel in Black $38 modcloth.com
Teardrop Hoop Earrings $20 fantasyjewelrybox.com
Sequin Tunic Tube $15 ardenb.com
Treble Clef Bangle $15 avalaya.com
Disney Couture Fantasy Ring $38 asos.com
Satin Flower Clutch $24 nordstrom.com

Are you going to a New Year's Eve Party? If so is it formal or casual? What are you planning on wearing?


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  1. I love the gold dress. I'm going to be staying home.


  2. cute, im not really going anywhere special but still enjoyed!


  3. I wish I were going somewhere fun where I could dress up. I'll be at a cook out, but I plan on wearing a little bit of sparkle for fun :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. love that top look...demure i'd call it!

  5. I love look 1 & 2 they're very elegant and classy :D

  6. GLAMOUROUS! Don't forget to enter my challenge!


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