New Year's Resolutions

I seldom make New Year's Resolutions because I'm well aware of how many people actually keep their resolutions after a few weeks. This year I'm making a few resolutions and maybe by posting them here I'll be more likely to stick to them. This year I'm going to organize and clean out my closet and keep it that way. I have a habit of holding on to clothes that I no longer wear and no longer like. Having an organized closet is a great feeling, so my goal is to clean out my closet in January and maintain it in that condition all year. I hate proofreading and as a result my blog posts sometimes contain typos so I'm committing myself to becoming a better proofreader before making a post. I have a huge sweet tooth (evidenced by many of the recipes we post on this blog) and I don't intend to ever deny myself sweets but I feel so much better when I'm eating healthy. In the new year I'm going to commit to eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I by all accounts am a worrier. I'm the type of person who while attending school couldn't sleep the night before a big exam because I would dream about taking the test and all of the information I would need to know for the next day.

I know a lot of people don't like their jobs, but I also know that it isn't normal to have a job where you feel constantly degraded and spend your entire work day fighting the desire to cry. That was what it was like at my last job. If it had just been that I didn't like my job I would have dealt with it but it was so bad that for the last four or five months at that job I had panic attacks several times a week. I would become so stressed out, aggravated and sad that I would feel sick, my heart would be pounding and racing and I would struggle to breathe. I even woke up twice at different points on nights when I had went to bed upset about work and worried about my future and woke up from a dream suffering a panic attacking. It is scary waking up and gasping for air. I changed jobs about five months ago. I had a couple more panic attacks right after I changed jobs, but haven't had any in months.

So I never feel so miserable and trapped again I'm going to step up my game this year and learn as much as possible at at my new job, which I love by the way.

I would love to know your New Year's Resolutions or your goals for the new year.

♥ Sunny

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  1. great ideas. im a resolution keeper. becoming a vegetarian was one a while back that im still keeping. this year i cannot come up with one that i like tho! im really much better at taking away things then telling myself to do more. it seems to have become a problem.


  2. Love the post!
    My resolution is to get rid of fake friends, and all the people who take to much energie in my life. I just want 2011. it to be good to me, because this year was horrible to me :S
    I want to launch a little bussines of mine that contains tees, bags & skrits with my illustraions on & would like to make a mini collection this year.
    Hopefully i want it to be succesfull!

    All the best in new year!
    Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Great resolution list, I hope they'll come true ^^
    My resolution is to spend more time with my friends and go outside more.~

  4. These photos are beautiful! I guess its time for me to make some new years resolution too. :)

  5. Read more. Be kinder to myself and others. Seek happiness in small moments.

    Happy 2011!

  6. great resolutions.. :)
    one of mine is doing excercise regularly...
    happy 2011 :)

  7. I love your first resolution...keeping that closet clean :)
    I could totally incorporate that one for myself lol!
    Good luck with all your Resolutions!

  8. Great Goals. I'm not sure what mine will be yet.


  9. good luck with those resolutions! I am quite similar; in terms of sweet tooth and messy closet!

  10. what a great post!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I wish all the best!!
    Don't forget to enter my makeup challenge, send me pictures with the golden goddess look to sketchbooksix@gmail.com and I'll make a special post with my readers photos!

  11. I want to love me this year, and keep it that way for the rest of my life.

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