Product Review: T Tree Toner Tab

If you have never used anything from Lush I suggest you give them a try. All of Lush's products are made from organic vegetarian ingredients, that are not tested on animals. I've loved their bathbombs for years and have recently began using a few more of their products. Earlier this week I tried their T Tree Toner Tab. To use the toner tab you need a bowl, a towel, and about 2 cups of boiling water. Once you have the hot water in the bowl, drape your head will a towel and hold it over the bowl for about 10 minutes. After you are done pat your face dry and put on some moisturizer.

You can put the water from the bowl after it is cooled in a spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days to use to spritz on your face.

I loved this product. The steam was a little intense, but definitely not unbearable, and it may have been because this was my first time using any steaming products. The steam opens up pores and makes you sweat. But it is totally worth it. After using the toner tab my pores looked better. My face was fresh and relaxed. I immediately noticed a softening of my skin. I found the steam refreshing.

I will absolutley be using this product again. Next time I use one of these toner tabs I'm going to follow it up with a mask. I'm disappointed that I only purchased two because at under $2 each this is an amazing product.

♥ Sunny

via: Lush USA


  1. Great Review.


  2. if only lush products are available here in my place i would definitely try it. I really hate my pores.
    btw, i chose you for a blog award, please do check my blog..thanks..(",)

  3. sounds really cool maybe ill ask for some for christmas!


  4. I need to go there tomorrow!


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