My Valentine

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, some of you have probably been thinking about what to get your significant other. I have spent some time thinking about it and I believe that I have come up with some fantastic Valentine's Day gift ideas for her and for him.

For Her:

1. Personalized Books
While looking online for a romantic, unique gift idea for her I came across the idea of Personalized Books. Some website will take famous stories, that almost everyone has heard of and they will personalize them for you. The main characters in the books will be changed to whatever names you want. For Valentine's Day you could choose a famous love story and have the names changed to yours and your sweetie. The first website here only has a couple of options, with the only romantic one being Romeo and Julliet. The second has more options, and you get to personalize to a greater detail, going as far as what hair and eye color you want the character to have as well as the name.
Uncommon Goods
Book By You

2. Perfume
I love Perfume, and most girls probably do. While I am a fan of Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang fragrances, you should pick whatever scent your girl likes the best.

3. Jewelry
Jewelry is a go to option on Valentine's Day and I checked out a few stores and fell in love with this ring. It is more whimsical than most heart rings, making it cute and unique.
Zales Multi-Heart Ring

4. Purse
Buying your sweetheart a nice bag is a great way to go for Valentine's Day. Just make sure you choose a brand and color that she will like.

5. Bubble Bath Set
Maybe you are looking for a gift that will help your sweetheart to relax and unwind after a hard day or week at work. A nice Bubble Bath Set is the perfect way to achieve this.
Grace Bath Set

For Him:

1. Cologne
A girl likes for her guy to smell great, so a great smelling cologne is a perfect choice for a Valentine's Day gift for him.

2. Kinect
Maybe your guy loves his video games. The Kinect for the xbox 360 is relatively new and may be something that your guy would love.

3. Watch
Every guy needs a nice watch to wear. While looking at some options I found this watch from Zales that I really love.
Zales Caravelle Watch

4. Concert/Sports Tickets
Most people to love to go to concerts or to sportings events. If your guy has a favorite band or sports team coming to town soon, tickets are a great way to go for his Valentine's Day gift.

5. Travel/Laptop Bag
Every guy could use a great travel bag or a laptop case. While looking through some options I came across this beautiful travel bag for guys.
Marc New York Travel Bag

No matter what you get your Valentine this year, they are sure to love it as long as you put some thought into or make the day special.


Via: WeHeartIt


  1. Great gift list.


  2. What wonderful ideas! I can't wait for Valentine's Day...hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get my Chanel bag but I won't hold my breath :)

  3. I love that Chanel purse. I need to have a talk with my husband hehe =)

  4. Great list!:D

    Jewelry is always a good choice for women.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Oh great ideas thanks, and I'd be happy to wake up to any of those gifts on valentines day :) xxx

  6. love the list! gave me some ideas :P


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