Springing forward

Spring is quickly approaching and I am definitely ready for it. I was excited for Fall's arrival but it turned into a too cold, too dreary winter for me way too soon. I am ready to experience Spring like weather and to see all of the trees blooming and the colorful spring flowers. I am also excited for Spring fashion. Wearing layers of clothes, including winter coats that are suddenly seeming way to bulky to be desirable has lost all appeal. I love the preppy look and the Spring like colors is this Tommy Hilfiger Campaign. I have almost forgotten what days filled with sunshine are like. The sky here has been permanently covered with clouds and there has been numerous snow storms throughout the entire winter. I want sunny, warm days where I can spend a few hours outside. Another wonderful that the extra warm days of Spring brings is driving with the windows down and the radio blasting. In the Spring and Summer I often enjoy lunch outside on my patio. I need to extend that this year to enjoy beautifully prepared picnics. And would it be possible for me to have that lovely car as well?

♥ Sunny

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  1. I love spring too. My Chanel flowers have green leaves on them again.


  2. Can't wait till Spring! Thanks for the lovely comment, new post up :)

  3. I have cabin fever too...I'm so ready for warm weather and sunshine! And I would LOVE that little bug too ;)

  4. love the pics and i'm excited for spring as well! i can't wait to wear all the lace and the florals i have lying in my closet :)


    follow me?

  5. I love spring and summer!
    nice pictures!

  6. ah! spring fashion! got me a little excited lol!

  7. AAAAHHHHH I can't wait for Spring to come DAMN! I'm dying over here with this frezzing weather in Prague >.<



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