Arabian Nights

Spring this year has went a little Arabian Nights. Turbans have became one of the it items for this Spring. Turbans are not new. In fact Audrey Hepburn donned one in the 1954 classic film, Sabrina. But they have been everywhere this year from numerous Spring runway shows, to the Giorgio Armani print campaign, to being a popular accessory for celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen.

Turbans make a bold statement and add a mysterious touch. While I believe that this look can be very wearable and chic for a lot of girls, I’m not quite sure I am brave enough to pull it off. How do you feel about this trend?

♥ Sunny

via: We Heart It


  1. I think it's fabulous but not so sure I could pull it off.... :)

  2. love these pics! love turbans but i dont think i could pull it of either.



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