Random Acts of Kindness

One of the sweetest, nicest things that a person can do is absolutely totally free. I am talking about acts of kindness. There are infinitely many things that you can do to be kind to someone else, that don't cost you anything. Random acts of kindness can be small gestures that will brighten someones day. I think we all should practice random acts of kindness more often to our family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. Here are some ideas...

Smile at someone.

Hold the door open for someone else when entering or exiting a building.

Tell someone that you like their hair, clothes, or shoes.

Put change in a vending machine so that the next person gets a nice surprise.

If someone drops something pick it up for them.

Buy food for a homeless person.

Hold the elevator for someone.

Say "Thank You."

Give up your spot in line to someones who is obviously in a hurry.

Give another driver your parking spot.

Send a hand written thank you note.

Compliment someone's idea.

Say "Good Morning."

These are just a few simple random acts of kindness. What are some one your ideas for random acts of kindness?


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  1. Nice post, very true. We all have to be nice, we not only make the other person feel good but we also better ourselves for doing good things. i super agree.

  2. Nice blog and pics!!
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  3. i agree and i really like all of your ideas...i need to do these more!

  4. These are some great ideas. I mean i've seen people angry every single day! its like a war out here sometimes. Drivers see people crossing and speed up to make it before the person... sometimes the person stops and the car keeps going. Honking every minute and people yelling at each other. Seriously its ridiculous. I try to be really nice but some people have no manners. I do most things you mentioned... i think it helps me as much as the person i am helping :)

  5. great post.


  6. sweet post! :)


  7. oh i love doing simple acts of kindness.. in my term "good deed". hehehe... i love this post, dear!!! super!

  8. great ideas!
    u have a lovely collection of photos!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!



  9. It's a really lovely post! thanks for your kindness of sharing! =)

  10. I so agree! These are all lovely ideas :) Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie :) xoxo

  11. thanks for your input on the balance post! i'm here checking you for word ver, haha :)


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