Taking Back Sunday

Although the weekend just ended I am still exhausted from last week. I normally have long work days and Saturdays are full of doing errands that I lacked time for during the week. Sundays are normally the only time that I have to relax and enjoy some peaceful, quiet time.

Source: flickr.com via Sunny on Pinterest

This past weekend was a blur of activity. Sunday night as I was still doing laundry at 11 pm, I thought about how I hadn't had the relaxing Sunday that I desperately needed and I realized that I was going to have long week ahead of me.

To me Sundays are meant for catching up on much needed sleep and waking up with the sunlight shining in your window.

Followed by having my only breakfast of the week that doesn't consist of something similar to a banana and string cheese being grabbed as I rush out of the door.

Enjoying the feeling of not being rushed and forgetting about the millions of things that I have to do while maybe catching up on some reading or a favorite tv show that I missed earlier in the week.

Then maybe an afternoon stroll or enjoying some sunshine while sitting on the deck.

I love cooking a nice meal for dinner on Sundays because it may be the last time I have a home cooked meal for the week. I love to cook (although I hate cleaning up and doing dishes but that is another story).

Then hopefully before bed there is a little time for checking up on some blogs I love to read and plan a couple posts for the upcoming week.

To me this is a perfect Sunday. What do you like to do on Sundays?

♥ Sunny


  1. that is definitely my perfect sunday also!

  2. Sunday is my day to clean up the house and do laundry...but I like to get that all done in the afternoon so I can spend the evening watching movies!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. sunday is my house work and lundry day, but at night I'd like to take a bath and watch tv! these pics you posted are really whimsical!

  4. mmmmm :) That sounds like an awesome day! I've seriously got to figure out a way to make weekends last longer!!

  5. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy a relaxing Sunday. I usually relax as well and either chill at home (bake, read, watch tv etc.) or hang out in a park and enjoy a long walk. Great pics by the way... I need that laundry basket!

  6. Hi darlin! You've been awarded! :)



  7. I agree - Sundays should be all about lounging in bed, brunch on the patio, bike ride or walk in the park :)


  8. love the first pictures.We should all have three day weekend. :)

    Heel in Mint

  9. Lovely pictures! Sundays are a day of rest for me. I lounge in bed, water my flowers, and visit parks.

    Check out my new blog post!

  10. that does sound like a perfect way to spend sundays! :D

    <3, Mimi

  11. Sounds like a plan, I try to either be lazy, cook & go for a stroll or shop OR I am completely opposite & a working, cleaning, catching up machine.. depends on what I accomplished during the week

  12. Sundays are just to clean up and relax!!

  13. Your perfect Sunday sounds just like my perfect Sunday!

  14. I don't get main Sundays off work but when I do. I relax the whole day.



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