My Spidey Sense is Tingling...

Thor (already saw it, it was AWESOME), Xmen, and The Green Lantern are all superhero movies that have recently come to theaters that have me super excited. With all of the superhero movies coming out lately, I have been thinking a lot about superpowers. As a little kid I use to play superhero games, where I had powers of my own and would go around saving people (usually members of my family).
Today these movies have me thinking about what kind of superpower I would like, if I were a superhero?

Would I want telepathic abilities like Jean Grey?

Or butt-kicking abilities like Bat Girl?

Source: tumblr.com via Sunny on Pinterest

Or how about the ability to steal other peoples abilities like Rogue has?

Or the ability to be invisible at will like the Invisible Woman?

Source: None via Sunny on Pinterest

Or to make things explode like Gambit?

Source: None via Sunny on Pinterest

Or the ability to heal quickly from any injury and not to mention claws like Wolverine?

Or teleportation abilities like Nightcrawler?

There are so many abilities, that I could never decide. What would you pick?



  1. I'd go with invisibility... oh the possibilities! ;)


  2. i didnt even know this many superhero's existed. i think id have to go with invisibility. although id love to fly too! haha great post!


  3. Jean Gray is my fave! Thanks for your comments on my site. XOXO

  4. Wow, I love all the illustrations you found for this post!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. oh that first photo is so adorable! fun post!= )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. adore this. hope you had an amazing weekend. Stop by to see pictures from my weekend in Laguna Beach. xoxo


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  7. Wait- stealing others abilities? I NEVER thought of that! AMAZING, then you could have WHATEVER you wanted!!!!

  8. i want the super hero power to heal the sick, if only that was real, sigh.


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