Things That Are Making Me Smile This Week

Here are a few of the things that make me happy right now.

Kool Aid

Maybe it is the kid in my but I have been addicted to these colorful, sugary drinks lately.

My Cat

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My cat saw the vet a few days ago and the vet reported that I have a healthy, beautiful, smart cat. That is wonderful news. (Expect to be introduced to Tiger very soon.)


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I love being pampered and receiving a wonderful pedicure makes me feel wonderful.

True Blood

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Is anyone else happy to have new episodes of True Blood every Sunday?


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I love all of the fresh food from the garden, but blackberries have to be one of my favorites. Blackberry dumplings being prepared in the kitchen smell so delicious.

Feather Accessories

Feather accessories are whimsical and slightly boho chic. Few accessories are more perfect for summer.


One of my favorite things to do each evening is to step out on the deck for a few minutes and watch the fireflies. They are like twinkling Christmas lights.

Guys in Cowboy Hats

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I'll always love sharp dressers (think Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) but I have to admit that I have a thing for guys in cowboy hats.

What are your favorite things right now?

♥ Sunny


  1. fireflies and feather accessories.. :P *.*

  2. OMG I am a HUGE fan of True blood! how good was it last sunday and how dreamy is Erik??!?!?!? I can't even deal. Glad to hear your cat is nice and healthy!

  3. I love this post....
    1. That koolaid looks delish.
    2. I love, love, love True Blood. Didn't know new episodes started though!! I'll have to catch up.
    3. I'm so obsessed with pedicures.
    4. I miss fireflies...they don't exist in the islands.
    5. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Can't wait to "meet" your cat!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. KITTY BUTT. She is just precious!!!
    I love me some sharp dressing men, especially of the Chuck Bass variety. Can't say the same for men in cowboy hats, but that's only because I dated a country boy, and it was an unpleasant experience.
    Annddd fireflies are gorgeous. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. what a cute post! I would love to be able to watch fireflies outside my house! Lucky! Feather accessories = YES PLEASE! LOVE KOOL AID! Too cool! Pedicures are AWESOME and your kitty is TOO cute :) XOX

  7. That cat is so cute! And I love berries to :)

  8. I'm dying for a pedicure!

    Blackberries are a summer favorite of mine! xoxo

  9. Right now, pedicures, True Blood, and fresh blackberries are all making me smile. Sundays don't seem to come fast enough, do they? Good season so far.


  10. wow! i am lovin this! thanks lady!

  11. i've never needed a pedicure more in my life than i do right now!

  12. These things will definitely make me smile as well. I hope I also get a cat as cute as yours. I wanna gug it. :-)

  13. first love those feathers
    second thank you for the lovely comment on the blog your so sweet :] hope you'll follow the blog :]

    love m.
    keep in touch

  14. Guys in cowboy hats - I agree
    My horse - always
    Sundresses : )
    My new make up from you : ) : )
    I haven't watched True Blood in a while but my bf & I do marathons & get seasons at a time. We are one behind - <3 Eric

  15. i love feather accessories and fireflies! and i haven't had kool aid in years! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  16. All of these images make me happy.
    I certainly want to see Tiger. And yes, I'm glad that crazy show True Blood is back!


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