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Source: None via Sunny on Pinterest

Source: sunset.com via Sunny on Pinterest

I would love to have a breakfast nook in my future kitchen. One thing I would love to be able to host in my future home is brunch get-togethers with my best friends and relatives. The breakfast nook would be the perfect place for us to sit down and enjoy these brunches. This would also be a perfect place for lunches even though it's called a breakfast nook. I would want this to be a warm and inviting part of the house. A place where I could just sit and sip some lemonade or hot chocolate in the colder months. Like all of the pictures above I want lots of windows in the breakfast nook area. This is a great way for more natural light and provides a great view.

Do you think it is a good idea to have a breakfast nook and a dining room? Would you or I use them both enough to actually need both of them?



  1. Another great inspiration from you. Having this at home will make me feel like I'm on a Cloud 9. :-)

  2. your posts are so inspiring! I really want a breakfast nook now :)

    Alice x

  3. If you have room for both a breakfast nook and a dining room, I say yes, why not have both! I love the idea of having built in seats and then free standing seats around it.

  4. I have friends who have them and I'm jealous! It's so cute and I'd definitely love to have one. But I'm torn between a nook or a giant table for everything!

  5. A breakfast nook would be nice! I absolutely love reading House of Turquoise


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