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I believe that it is every kids dream to have a tree house (or a play house of some sort) of their very own. My sisters and I were always playing outside when we were little kids. Sadly, we did not have a tree house to play in. We had a spot in the back yard that had this huge rock in it. This rock was our table and we had a make believe house around this "table" that we would play in all the time. When we cooked food to eat at our "table" we had things like eggs(which were pebbles), salads (which were leaves), and we would decorate with flowers. We had a ton of fun playing make believe games like that and even though I would have loved to have had a tree house, looking back I know it just wouldn't have been the same. I wouldn't have the imagination that I have now if we had not played games like those.

Wouldn't it have made your day (week or month) if your dad had built you a tree house to play in? I realize that the tree houses in the beginning may be a little more than most of us would get, but even a simple tree house would be wonderful.



  1. Tree house!!! I want to have a place like that here in our home! I absolutely love the first tree house! :-)

  2. Those all look amazing. I did have a play house growing up...I think I even ran away to it a few times when I felt like being a bratty kid. haha. So much fun, but mine was open on 2 of the sides so it was kind of scary sleeping in it. I did have my dolls all set up in there though. Happy Monday!

  3. I just love this!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. such awesome tree houses, I want the first one :)

    Alice x

  5. I soooooo want a tree house!! I've always wanted one! How cool are these!! Kiah

  6. Oh,wow...soooo pretty!Love tree houses!

  7. That;s so weird! I was talking about tree houses today! :D
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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    Can you white me your favourite blog?.))

  9. Wow!!Amazing tree houses!
    I really like these pics
    I wish you a good start of week

  10. Wow, can I move into one of those? It would be the perfect getaway from reality.

  11. I love the last tree house.


  12. Amazing! I would love to hang out in any of these! xo

  13. Those are tree houses from dreams. As a child I would of lived in there, I had quite the imagination as a child and those are incredibly magical. Nice share, thanks for making me feel like a kid again. :)

  14. Those tree houses are fabulous! When I was little I use to read a series of books called Brambly Hedge. Your tree houses brought back lots of memories!

  15. Wow, those first two are to die for! I'd love for my kids to have something so exquisite!

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