Bye, Bye Summer

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Monday. I know I have really appreciated this 3-day weekend. Work was starting to stress me out and an extra day off is just what the doctor ordered. Even though I am extremely happy that this is Labor Day weekend granting me a 3-day weekend, I am sad that today marks the unofficial end of Summer.

Some of the things I am going to miss the most about summer are...

Enjoying a popsicle on a HOT day.

Having a lazy summer day of reading and relaxing.

Being able to enjoy being outside in the sunshine.

Being able to spend time with friends whenever I want.

Have you been able to enjoy a 3-day weekend? What are you going to miss the most about summer?


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  1. It is freezing today! I think it is 60 out but I don't want summer to end!!! Noooooo


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