Pairing Pink and Red

I fell in love with a bold pink and bright red coloring pairing when I spotted Emma Stone in this outfit months ago. The colors are juicy, fresh, and bold.

Source: vogue.com via Sunny on Pinterest

I certainly am not the only person impressed with Emma's style and the outfit she wore to the "Friends With Benefits" premiere. Here are a few other looks pairing pink and red that I am head of heels for.

♥ Sunny


  1. I didn't know I would love this, but this combo looks sophisticated. Well, I guess I need to go hunt an outfit like these for me...

  2. I remember before fashionistas used to get rid of pairing red and pink, but now everything's possible. I love the pink button down top paired with the red palazzo pants. It's so nice! :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  3. I so love this combo. It's just fabulous and just makes me happy. Maybe is the beauty girl in me but I always think about lips and nails when I see them paired together :) xoxo

  4. gorgeous combo-colors! love it! xooooo

  5. two gorgeous colors, love it! :)

    p.s. that has to be one of my favorite looks from emma stone!

    <3, Mimi


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