Under Stress

I am feeling very overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. I feel as if I am always on the go. My work days keep getting longer and longer but my to-do list is not getting any shorter. Even when I do get home each night I feel anxious thinking about all of the work that I still need to complete. I volunteered almost a month ago to take on a lot of added responsibility at work in an attempt to grow my career that I feared was stalling. I hope to reap some benefits from these added responsibilities in the near future but right now they are simply leaving me with little time or energy for anything outside of work. In fact when I look forward to each new day I already know one of the things I want most is to take a nap, but there will not be any time to pencil napping into my schedule any time soon.

I would love to know your tips or tricks for handling anxiety and stress. And if anyone has advice for how to know you are on the right career path or how to determine what your dream job is please share. For now I am going to try to focus on the below quote.


  1. I dont have any tip or trick. Bbut i must say that gym helps me everyday, even when i got late at work. =)

  2. Tracy, I'll be honest. This year I've gotten stressed out more than ever and I think it's because I'm striving to do something that I love and that will really be right for me in the future. The feeling is horrible, and sometimes I came home and I was like, why did I decide to do this? Talking to friends who were in the same boat helped me put things into perspective and show me that I wasn't alone. I think that just talking things out, letting people know you're frustrations (or even just writing them down) helped me out. I also prayed a lot (which you do or don't have to do, but it helped me) and tried to give myself thirty minutes of me time. That was hard to schedule in, but it helped too. Sorry I wrote like a novel's worth, and I'm no specialist, but, that's how I get through these ruts. I know you can do it, and that's a great quote to inspire anybody!

  3. I feel the same way and it's so hard not to just give up.

  4. I think you really need to rest and to have some days off of work!

  5. I am so the wrong person to ask about career advice (as you know) but I totally sympathize...I hope things get a lot less stressful soon.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. I was feeling extremely Overwhelmed about a month ago and I actually got some great advice from friends. I know youre exhausted at the end of the day, but take time to write and journal. I found that exercise truly helpful. You’ll at first think its nutso but I promise it will help to see things written down.

    I found blogging was a great escape too from the everyday. I even write posts (like an online journal that I don’t always post).

    Breathing and also making sure that when you do sleep your mind is not going through the list of things you need to get done. If you don’t get a good nights sleep the anxiety will intensify. Believe me Ive been there. You are only human and need to remember that while these responsibilities can help you career wise, don’t forget your health and most importantly your mental health. It really dictates where you go and how you feel for the remainder of the day or week!

  7. Hey girl! Sure, kindness and hard work always pay-off! Hold on to that! The other girls have given you amazing advices. I would add try eat well, you need a lot of nutrients, and also get some massages. A few years ago I had this terrible job and had lots of stress and frustration. Well, I found an amazing girl that gives ayurveda massages to 'clean' the chakras. Girl, it helped me so much! I felt much lighter and positive...Hope it helps! xoxo

  8. That is a tough one.. I always try to make lists & manage my time the best that I can. I think that you should make a list of the need to do right away vs. it can wait. When I feel organized, I feel better. You can also try getting a stress ball too : ) My bf has one & I make fun of him for it but her LOVES it!

  9. Hang in there, darling!
    Love the quote :)


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  11. Sorry to hear that you're under so much stress. I've often felt stretched way too thin and sometimes things that I love to do get the short end of the stick. Organizing and setting priorities helps calm me a bit. Seeing everything written down makes things seem a bit more manageable. Good luck! xoxo

  12. You have to take a little bit of time for yourself or you end up loosing your self. Excercise, only if it's 10 minutes it will help boost your energy! It's amazing! When you feel over whelmed, stop right there and go get a coffee or juice. It gives you just enough time to think clearly again. I hope this helps :)


  13. when things get so hectic and responsibilities just keep on piling up and piling up, i find that taking a time out from it all helps a lot. doesn't matter what you do -- take a walk, read a chapter from a book waiting to be read, or yes, take a nap -- it really does help keep you focused and more energized. i hope things work out okay for you! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  14. Aw man, I know how you feel.
    This week has been forever long and I go to sleep making lists of what I need to finish the next day. Ugh.
    But, I find that taking small breaks from a big project (whether it be popping in on Facebook, playing Angry Birds, etc.) can help. Also, just setting aside 20 minutes to go for a walk or run is a nice way to relieve stress!

    Trendy Teal

  15. oh sweetie I hope things start getting better for you !!! remember to breath and close your eyes when you feel over whelmed always helps !!!

    big hugs xoxo

  16. So sorry to hear about your current situation. I feel something similar right now, deadlines approaching on few projects that I have no desire or motivation doing. Well, duties first.. I hope you get some serious time of soon! :)

    Lovely weekend wishes to you both out there ^^

    Indie by Heart

  17. I hope things start to get better for you. I would take a long hot bubble bath.

  18. Praying for you, doll! <3
    I made some cookies for you, why don't you stop on by! They will make you feel better:)


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  19. Oh no, that's not good to hear at all. I think the best thing to do for you is to priortise your life and drop things that are less important and make time for yourself.

  20. Hope everything gets better! Sometimes it's best to step away from some things to just breathe! You have to take care. Big hugs to you!! xxx

  21. Oh Tracy.... I so feel for you. Is there some sort of end/ promotion date associated with this extra work? It might help you if you know there's a defined end date at which the hard work will pay off - you can't do your normal job plus these additional things forever and I think you should make that clear. Maybe plan a weekend away - it always helps me when I have something to look forward to that I can daydream about.

    On the question of how you know if you're in the right career... It's hard to decide while you're in the thick of it and you honestly just need some time away to reflect and think. Good luck x

  22. lately i've been stressed out lately. sometimes i have to stop, take a deep breath, and remember that some things aren't as important as i think they are. like when i'm running late and freaking out about it. i just remember that it's not the end of the world. in terms of work, i think you have to follow your heart and remember that it's okay to try different things, especially when you're young and don't have to take care of a family. i don't think anyone finds the perfect job on the first try. it's okay to keep searching. and you can always start again, always find another career. even if you're older. it's never too late.


  23. You have to try to do something that gives you joy at least once a week. I go to pilates classes and I sew on my days off.
    Hang in there.


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