Extra Extra!

Source: favim.com via Sunny on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Sunny on Pinterest

Sometimes you just need that little something extra. Don't shy away from ribbons, lace, buttons, and all of those extra embellishments. Whether it is an article of clothing, a bag, or an item to decorate your space everyone deserves a little frill and lace. Instead of buying something already with the frills and ribbons and buttons maybe you found something that is a little plain or it needs a little something extra. It will be so easy for you to add on some ribbon, lace, or to sew on some unique buttons. Some people just seem to be gifted with the ability to see something bland and boring and they are like, "Oh! If I do this or this it will be perfect!" I am so jealous of those people. Are you crafty and talented like this?


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