Happy Weekend

After a fairly quite month at work I expect things to start picking up and being extremely busy when I get back in the office on Wednesday for the next few months so I plan on making the most of my 4 day weekend and enjoying every moment. I'm going to be entertaining out of town guests, attending a wedding (side note: don't you just love weekends that involve a reason to get dressed up and eat cake), try a couple new recipes, read a good book, visit my grandmother, and sneak in a nap. All of this before celebrating my birthday on Tuesday (another guilty free reason for enjoying cake!).

What are your plans for the weekend?

Strawberries are only in season a few more weeks so if you have any extra time this weekend try one of the delicious strawberry recipes we have pinned on Pinterest or this easy Strawberry Tart that is one of my family's favorite treats.


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