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Life can really stress you out occasionally. You can't always get away from it all, but these beach inspired rooms can be excellent places to rest, relax, and unwind. The calming colors and comfortable pieces of furniture will put you at ease. Whether you want a beach inspired house or just one room to be beach inspired you can't go wrong. If you only want one room, I think the hardest part will be deciding just which room to make beach inspired. I love all of the rooms above and could easily see myself taking a load off in any of them. I would love a warm bubble bath in that beautiful bathroom. I would certainly have sweet dreams in that relaxing bedroom. That table would be a great place to have a yummy meal or delicious sweet treat! And those seats would be great places to take a good book. If you had one beach inspired room in your house, what room would you choose?


  1. Marvelous rooms, I do love that colour, so dreamy and pretty. Might think on one of these colours for whenever I move into a new place :)))) Happy Monday doll, I hope you have a great day xxx

  2. I just love these interiors - so soothing and calm.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. Wow, stunning rooms.. Definitely inspired :)

    Indie by heart

  4. In fact, beach is my fave place to relax. I do anything to spend a day looking at the ocean and just be.

  5. Gosh... I want an entire beach house one day - instant relaxation and so many sun soaked, sandy feet memories to be made! In the mean time, I would settle for a beach themed lounge room... a room full of sun, whites and blues - how divine!

  6. A warm bubble bath sounds so good right now..

    - Marie


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