In the Swing of Things

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I am so glad it is Friday. I plan to rest and relax this weekend. I am absolutely exhausted. This was my first week back at work after a long break. I have had to get back into the routine of waking up by 6:00am and working all day with only lunch and a small break. I have also had to get myself use to the after work meetings and planning that I haven't had to do in a while. Then there is also making myself go to bed early at night so that I can get myself up and going in the mornings. One great way to have fun is to go to the park. As a kid I loved going to the park and playing on all of the equipment. Then there was also the fact that I had a lot more kids to play with than just my sisters. My favorite thing to do at the park was to swing. Just because I am not a kid anymore doesn't mean I don't get to swing anymore. One way that I am going to relax this weekend is to swing. What about you? What are you going to do to relax this weekend?


  1. Hurray for Friday! Have a great weekend honey xo

  2. I love swings...yay for Fridays :)) Happy weekend xx

  3. I had my own swing when I was little!! I loved my green and yellow swing! I don't get to go to parks to get on a swing as an adult but it's one of those things that makes us reminisce of our childhood days when we were so carefree!!! I should head to a park one day.

  4. I also had my own swing in my grandmother's house :) I had a great time there when I was little! :)

  5. I feel your pain as of next week... Hate waking up early!

  6. going to bed early nowadays has been such a challenge for me. my body clock is too messed up. LOL. i also loooove swings. i go straight there every time i go to a playground when i was kid.

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