It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Lately I have developed a small obsession with the retro glam and sophistication of well supplied bar charts. Even if you are not a drinker they are great for entertaining. Also, makes a home seem so adult-like. Look at flea markets and thrift stores to find something truly vintage. Emily wrote a great post about the items you would find useful starting out and there are even more great tips located on Matchbook.

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  1. Ah love this post. I have a thing for crystal decanters over the past year and have bought 3- probably in preparation for when I get an amazing bar table like the ones above
    Daniella x


  2. Yum, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere! I love these pretty setups, I need more alcohol lol.

  3. so funny you posted about this, because i was just researching the complete bar...or the just-enough bar! cute photo inspiration.


  4. I love that first set up - so pretty!

  5. Nom nom nom, nice friday post :> (Somehow I paid more attention to the bottles & what is in them than how they were set up x))
    happy weekend girls ;)

    xxx Lara

  6. Those are gorgeous...though I don't drink, I still like the trolleys. Have a great weekend xx

  7. I really need something nice to stick and display our liquor bottles on. At the moment they are sitting together in an old baking tin. Not attractive in the slightest!

  8. Love all the bar setups!


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