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I have spoken numerous times to you on my great love for books and how I would love to have a library in my future home. I have always loved to read and so do my sisters and brother. Maybe it's because we our parents always read to us when we were children. Every night before bedtime or really any time that we asked they would read to us. Most nights several stories before we could be convinced that we were actually tired and ready for bed. I still smile when I look back on those nights or cold winter days when Mom would be in bed and we would curl up around her and listen. Even later when us girls where older and reading a lot to ourselves we would still listen in when our little brother got story time. Well back to the library now. I know I have mentioned how I would fill it up with books that I love and how I would love to have bookcases built into the walls. And of course no library would be complete without bookends. I love all of the photos above and down below are some I would want to buy for my library.


  1. I love the anchor book end, think that one's my fav :)
    Daniella x


  2. Those are great, love the lions and bunnies, all of them are precious!! Have a great weekend :) x

  3. love all the bookends! such great pieces! xO!

  4. I love books! And the bookends are so cute!

  5. Totally loving the rabbits!!


  6. I am a book fanatic too (and so is my husband). We recently purchased 2 more bookcases because we didn't have enough room for all of our books. I want a library someday too, although at the rate we are going, our whole house may end up a library!

  7. I have turquoise chinese dragons, but we have so many books that they don't fit in the books XD.

  8. ah, i looooove reading. it's my favorite past time, definitely. i would really love to have a library in my future home too. that would be too cool!

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  9. love book ends, but currently don't have any!

  10. me, too! i have always wanted a wall of books! i read to my son every night, so i hope that he will continue to enjoy reading throught his life!

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  11. Love the platypus bookends.

  12. the owl bookend is sooooo cute! :D

    <3, Mimi
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