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We are excited to start our first guest series. In On My Radar some of our favorite bloggers and truly fabulous women will share a few of their current favorites. To kick off the series is Mimi from What Mimi Writes. Mimi's blog is a constant source of inspiration from makeup, to fashion, to food, and everything in between so if you are not already following Mimi make sure you begin doing so ASAP. But for now, take it away Mimi.

Happy Thursday! ☺
Hi, guys! My name is Mimi from What Mimi Writes What Mimi Writes, and I am very happy to be guest posting here today! Sunny Days and Starry Nights was one of the very first blogs I’ve ever visited – Tracy and Jessica are also two of my very first bloggie friends! And that is why I was so honored when Tracy emailed me and asked me if I would like to start off their new series here on their awesome blog! ☺
This new series is a large round up of the things I (and a lot of other lovely bloggers, I’m sure) are currently loving, these are things that are on our radar. Let’s start?

1. Item of fashion on my radar: Smoking Slippers
I have been wanting a pair ever since I first saw these in magazines and fashion blogs – they look so pretty and so comfy, right?! I saw a black studded pair when I went to DSW, and I think that’s it for me, haha! ;)

2. Accessories on my radar: Statement Earrings and Statement Necklaces
I’ve noticed that I have been buying and buying statement earrings and statement necklaces – I just can’t stop, haha! It’s good though because these pieces will definitely last a long time. Plus, a girl can never have enough accessories, right? ;)

3. Song on my radar: Want U Back by Cher Lloyd ]
This song is so catchy and so fun! ☺

4. Movie on my radar: Les Misérables ]
How amazing does this look?! I get goosebumps every time I watch this trailer. Anne Hathaway better win an award for this!

5. Quote on my radar: “If it’s meant to be, it will be.”
This is so true! ☺

6. Flower on my radar: Peonies
My favorite flowers are yellow roses, but this one is slowly climbing the charts. ;)

7. Getaway on my radar: Bora Bora
It looks like such a beautiful place! Imagine sitting there, surrounded by the gorgeous ocean, enjoying breakfast (which they bring to you by boat!), and just jumping out when you want to go for a swim = perfect! ☺

8. Book on my radar: The Defining Decade
I am in my early twenties and I guess it’s safe to say that I pretty much have no concrete idea on what I want to do with my life, haha! Hopefully, reading this book will give me a sense of where to start. ;)

9. Restaurant and food on my radar: Ladurée/ French Macarons
My sister said macarons from Ladurée are THE best – she said they are heavenly, so airy, and they melt in your mouth. How perfect does that sound?! ☺

10. Lipstick on my radar: YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Lipstick
I’ve heard so many positive things about this lipstick! According to magazines and blog posts I’ve read, these are the creamiest ever! I definitely want to get one soon, but now the question is… which shade to choose? ;)

There we have it – I hope you guys enjoyed reading this guest post! A big hug and a big thank you to Tracy and Jessica for asking me to write a guest post for them – I had a blast writing this! ☺

Love, Mimi


  1. oooh smoking slipper are now on my radar as well! and macarons!

  2. Definitely Les Mis, Cher Lloyd, Bora Bora, smoking slippers, and I'm actually heading to Laduree later on today :) Nice to meet you Mimi!

  3. Smoking slippers are my latest jam- I'm in love with them! :)

    Great post- Bora Bora looks like an incredible getaway.


  4. great stuff!
    xx Jules

  5. Ooh, I love the picks, Mimi! Definitely looking forward to Les Miserables as well!

  6. I think I know the Smoking Slipper you are talking about. They are made by Zigi SoHo. So many of my co-workers own them.

  7. I just ate 3 macarons today lol ;D
    x, Lara

  8. I LOVE peonies! I haven't been able to find some to spruce up my house thought :(

  9. Love those lipsticks!

  10. Loved this interview, it was so fun getting to know more of Mimi's likes. Loved the quote, very true. I want everyone of those loafers and the peonies are topping my list too

  11. I have peonies and Bora Bora on my radar now too!

  12. hi tracy and jessica! thanks again for asking me to write this guest post! and thanks to everyone for checking it out! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  13. I am loving your list Mimi :D I wish those smoking slippers would look good on me but I feel like they make my feet fat :P haha..but bora bora and peonies are definitely on my list!! I have to go and watch that movie now too :P haha... I think I am gonna love this series :D



  14. OMG, I love this post! It must have been really fun to do. Smoking slippers and statement necklaces are definitely on my radar too. I love adding statement necklaces to my outfits to make it look better and cuter. Bora Bora also looks amazingly beautiful!!! I would loooooove to go there.



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