Two Looks for the Week

We all have periods of time when everything seems so hectic. Everything seems like it takes too much time to do and everything seems to require so much energy even picking out what to wear. Here are two outfit ideas to help you make it through the week.

Work Look

Tuxedo Blazer - Betsey Johnson Gold Bangle - Black Satchel - Bird Print Dress - Wine Colored Nail Polish - Michael Kors Watch - Black Cap Toe Pump
First we have a beautiful work outfit. I don't often wear dresses to work but on a day when I need to look extra nice because of a meeting or something I would definitely wear this wine colored dress. The blazer adds a more professional air to the dress and I love the color. Too often people wear only neutral colored blazers to work. A satchel bag is a must for me to carry all of my papers in.

Hanging Out with Friends

Silvernight Stud Earrings - Cross Body Bag - Silver Bangles - Lady Sings the Blues Nail Polish - Chevron Print Sweater - Glitter Oxfords - Mustache Necklace - Jeans
When I am hanging out with friends and we aren't doing anything special I want to be comfortable. Jeans are the essence of comfort for me. I love the chevron print of the sweater and the colors are beautiful. Just hanging out at a friends house I probably wouldn't wear all of the accessories pictured maybe only the necklace or bracelet for me. So what type of outfits are a must for your week?


  1. Beautiful, love the tones of the first set, so lovely :)) Have a wonderful week dolls x

  2. love all of the tones and hues in these~~~ gorg! xO!

  3. I love both looks. The chianti blazer is just beautifully structured. I wouldn't mind wearing it with those cute glitter flats!
    ♥ laura
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  4. Great looks.. I love both palettes.

  5. Love the pretty berry and pink ensemble and I always love anything mint--I'll take them both!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. They're both so cute ! Especially love the second one's moustache necklace and glittery shoes, and watch in first one ^^ Adorable pieces.

    Indie by heart

  7. Love both nail polish colors!

  8. i love that chevron print sweater, it's just the right amount of casual and fun!

  9. Great looks! I love them :)


  10. Thank you Jessica, I'm really in that mood right now. Not ideal for a fashion blogger, right?! Kisses Coco


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