Two Looks for the Week

This week is sure to be a hectic week for me. I had to miss work today for a dentist appointment, so I am sure to be busy playing catch up the rest of the week. Sometimes we deserve a day off from work and I plan to make the most of it aside from the dentist visit. As a way to plan ahead I am already thinking about the things that I am doing this week and what I need to wear. So here are two outfits to get us all through the week a little more smoothly.
Football games are a must this Fall. It can get cool sitting on those bleachers so you need to be dressed for comfort and for warmth. Even though I do not follow football and understand all of the rules, I love to go and cheer on my team. A football game is a great way to hang out with friends and enjoy the night before it gets too cold to be out.

Football Game

University of Kentucky Sweatshirt - Lace White Henley Top - Diamond Stud Earrings - Silver Glitter Hair Ties - Brown Buckle Ankle Boots - Coffee Thermos - Boot Cut Jeans - Fossil Tote Bag - Blue Fleece Blanket
Every girl needs a little black dress look. With the right accessories a great little black dress can be for work, going out with friends, or for a romantic date night out. So whatever the reason a LBD is a wonderfully versatile piece to have in your closet.


Hexagon Earrings - Gold Citrine Ring - Ivanka Trump Gold Heels - Metallic Strapless Dress - Gold Bangles - Dorothy Perkins Statement Collar - Gold Sequin Blazer

Do you need both of these looks this week? Maybe you need a dress for another occasion? All of the dresses below are ONLY $17. Check them out, they are all beautiful and at an incredibly great deal right now.


  1. I love the black dress combinations :) and i want that closet! :D



  2. Love the LBD look! It's just gorgeous! :) xoxo

  3. Great sets! Love everything on the second one. :D

    Wish & Wear

  4. I love both these looks...they're so pretty!

  5. Great looks! A versatile LBD is definitely a must!

  6. great looks. I go to the dentist next Monday.

  7. love the lbd and the gold accessories!!! xO!

  8. Love your sparkly date look--I'm not much of a football watcher myself, but it's also a cute look!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. $17???? Wow. That is a steal. Love both looks.

  10. i love those colors in the closet! neutrals <3
    thanks for sharing those items!


  11. The LBD look is gorgeous, love the necklace and blazer!


  12. Your blog is lovely! I love the football game look and those dresses are a steal! I am a new follower :)

    xo Jenny

  13. Love these outfits! Definitely loving the little black dress as well. Are y'all from Kentucky or just Kentucky fans? Because I'm a kentuckian myself!

    A Southern Drawl

  14. That little black dress outfit is super gorgeous!



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