Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers This holiday season we have provided you with a variety of gift guides to make your shopping a little easier. Here we have one more gift guide to make your life a little bit easier and to help things go a little more smoothly. This time I am going to help you with stocking stuffers. I think that when you look below you will see that I have provided you with some options for anyone in your life.
Stocking Stuffers

Kate Spade Twirl Rollerball - Leather Studded Gloves - Water Color Nail Polishes - A Year of Fortunes - Stone Bouquet Stud Earrings - Wildflower iPhone Case - Jonathan Adler Lion Keychain - Skinny Mini Bow Ring Kate Spade - Glitter Hair Ties - Owl Key Caps - Owl Contact Case - Nesting Doll Earbuds - Headphone Splitter - Back in the Hobbit Notebook - Camera - Animals Matching Game - Savings Fun Bank - Men's Leather Gloves - Marc Jacobs Men's Watch - Polo Blue Sport Cologne for Men

So, what are your thoughts? Are you still working on your Christmas shopping?


  1. we don't usually do stockings, but my husband and I are going to do it this year...these are definitely great ideas!

  2. I love your selection of gifts ! I just finished to buy all the christmas gifts on the web, and I hope they'll come in time !

  3. I love stocking stuffers almost as much as the presents, these are fab items and ideas!! I hope you both get some in yours this year!! xx

  4. I'd like this tradition to arrive here too :) It would be so lovely to hang socks and put little gifts for each other.. Maybe I'll even do it with my bf, heh!
    These are all really cute ideas. I'd be delighted to have any of those.

    Indie by heart

  5. I found this post very adorable..
    great pictures.

  6. sooo adorable every single item im intrigued by the owl item !! what is it??

  7. Such great ideas! this post was very helpful! and i also adore your blog layout btw!


  8. Great ideas for a stocking stuffer, Jessica:) Love that Hobbit notebook!

  9. Great ideas. I have to finish buying hubby stuff

  10. Great stocking stuffer ideas!


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