It's Better to Give!

For the last few weeks I have focused a lot on picking out the perfect presents for the people that I care about. I want them to receive a gift from me that they will love. Something that they will be happy about getting. Something that they will use and love. But these have to be things that fit in my budget. I can't really share any of the gifts now, because I don't want to ruin the surprises! Other than gifts for my family, friends, and co-workers, I have realized that I need to be looking into charities or organizations that help others have a better Christmas.
Where to start? There are just so many charities that help others that it is easy to find one that you will want to give too. It doesn't have to be something big or far away from your home. Look around your community. I can sure you will see areas inside of stores where you can leave a gifts for toys for tots in need. I have also noticed in some grocery stores where you can buy food to donate to help families have a good Christmas dinner. During this time of year, local food pantries are in need to help all families have a wonderful Christmas dinner. Do you have an animal shelter nearby? Pets need things too, bedding, food, toys, and cleaning supplies are always welcome. Nursing homes are where you can volunteer some time this holiday season to provide company to someone who is lonely.
Here is a great website to check out: Charity Navigator. There you can search for charities in your area or for specific topics. You can learn about the charities and find great ways to donate.
I have donated a few times this holiday season, but what I need to remember is that these charities/organizations don't just need donations during the holiday season. They need help year round. What is one of your favorite ways to donate?


  1. I agree, so much nicer to give than receive and Christmas is the perfect time. We tend to forget about giving and want all for ourselves. Making someone else's Christmas brighter is best :) x

  2. so much better to give, that feeling is the best. soo agree! xO!

  3. I truly agree. I don't even have a wishlist for myself, just thinking about what to give or make for my close ones. :)
    My step father donates money every year to one charity, that gives Christmas presents to poor kids.

    Indie by heart

  4. I love your post and it's so true, giving needs to happen all year round. I really can't help but feel for the little animals that will be put down if they don't get a home. So many causes are so worthy!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I always love donating food this time of year

  6. great post! i'm a member of the junior league which is how i do my volunteering, but at the holidays i love to buy gifts for toy drives and on heifer.org

  7. I'm totally an animal giver.. shelters are my favorite place to donate too.

  8. I love giving, and I'll be volunteering at a local food bank on Christmas!


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