Under Wraps

I love beautifully wrapped gifts almost as much as the gifts inside. Unfortunately, I am horrible at actually wrapping the gifts but I love decorating the packages. When someone takes extra time to beautifully wrap a gift it means they put a little extra care, time, and love into the gift.

Christmas Wrapping

Red Velvet Ribbon / Green Cotton Ribbon Bow / Red Cotton Ribbon Bow / Paper Twine / Rouge Glitter Ribbon / Peacock Glitter Ribbon / Silver Glitter Ribbon / Grass Glitter Ribbon / Green Bakers Twine / French Velvet Ribbon / Silver Tinsel / Pom Pom Ribbon Garland / Flamenco Wrapping Paper / Pearl Wire Ribbon / Gold Glass Glitter / Red Bakers Twine / Pom Pom Wrapping Paper / Gift Tags / Vintage Trees Gift Bags


  1. Every year I think I'm going to try something cool like these wrappings and I never do. THIS is the year I try it and I'm using your inspirations! Great post!

  2. I love wrapping presents and all the stuff you can use :)) I'll have a post on this in the week :) I am having a thing for brown wrapping paper, like the postal paper and decorating it with ribbons and other things, it's so nice!! And completely impossible for those sneaky children and friends who like to try and peek at their pressies before hand, haha!! Gorgeous. Have a great weekend dolls :) xx

    Am Here today La Femme Nouvelle

  3. This post is unique ! Beautiful idea !

  4. beautiful wrapping. now i just have to get better at wrapping gifts.

  5. These are all so creative!!!! I love the idea of beautifully wrapped presents too!!! Much Love Chari T (deep fried stilettos) xoxo

  6. Great gift wrapping decorating ideas!

  7. Oh such beautiful gift wrapping ideas! I'm so bad at wrapping presents, although I try very hard I usually make a mess, haha!


  8. Great ideas, you have a very inspiring blog. :)

    kisses from Finland <3

  9. So cool. Love to see pretty ideas. I went to Joann's and saw many items to make your holiday wrapping much more interesting. These here are fabulous, too.
    Happy Sunday.

  10. Wow, these look amazing! Unfortunately for me, I'm terrible at wrapping and generally stick to giving gifts in gift bags. >.<


  11. looks so pretty!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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