What I'm Looking Forward Too...

It's New Year's Eve! Tonight when the clock strikes midnight we will all have begun a new year. For 2013 there are a lot of things that I am looking forward too and a lot of goals that I have set for myself. But for now let's just focus on January. Other than celebrating the new year I am looking forward to a lot of things in January. Most of which involve snow, so I hope we at least get a few snow days.
Looking Forward too.

I am a teacher and let me tell you the kids aren't the only ones praying for a snow day. I'm not asking for a lot. We didn't have any before Christmas Break, so all I want are a few snow days not weeks upon weeks of them. On those snow days I would love to have snow ball fights, where I will dress warm when I go out in beautiful winter layers. I love snowy landscapes during the winter, so I need a few snow days that way I can see some right? Then I can come back inside to enjoy a nice wintery drink like hot apple cider or hot chocolate. After which I will cozy up by the fire place to get warm and read a good book. Sounds like the perfect January days right? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming month and year?


  1. Happy New Year, I hope it's a marvellous one!! And you get to do all you wish!! Have fun and be safe...I look forward to what's to come xx

  2. snow would definitely be awesome here in GA! thank you for every time you've stopped by my blog. xo

  3. Happy New Year, and here's looking ahead to a fabulous 2013!

  4. Happy new year to you too!

  5. Hi Jessica! I can understand why snow days in January would be fun for you! This month, I am looking forward to writing and blogging more! No harm putting pen to paper, as well as fingers to keyboard!


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