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Hi, we are very happy to have Christine from Dela Chic here with us today taking part in our guest post series called #OnMyRadar. Christine has a fantastic blog and an etsy shop with the most adorable items in it. You really need to check it out, I love everything she makes especially the owls.

Hello! My name is Christine and I am so honored to be a guest on Tracy and Jessica's blog today to share "what's on my radar". I hope you all enjoy my little round up of my favorite things and at the same time get to know a little about me. Thank you Tracy and Jessica for such a wonderful opportunity!
Favorite Item of Fashion: I am currently lusting over anything green lately. I hate to call myself "trendy" but once Pantone called emerald the color for 2013, I gave it a second look and said "yeah, I really like it". As much as I love the color, a little green goes a long way because there's a line between fashionable and being on a St. Patrick's Day Parade float.
on my radar - fashion

Favorite Accessory: I love accessories. From statement necklaces, arm parties, rose gold watches, studded bracelets, so on and so on. My ultimate accessory that I love and wear day in and day out is my wedding band and engagement ring because it reminds me of an unforgettable day.

Who I'm Listening To: I love a catchy song that I can listen to in the car or in the gym. Right now it's Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars. Am I the only one who thinks this song has a very Sting or Police kind of feel to it? I just showed my age there, huh? Anyway, I'm sure all of the stations are blowing it up right now and I'll be sick of it in two months. Like I said, I love a catchy tune and I have to support a fellow Filipino...he's half so he's pretty much family.
Locked Out of Heaven- Bruno Mars
What I'm Watching: I am a glutton for reality television, well most of what's on the Bravo network. When I realized that it's the only thing that I watched all the time, I had to change it up! As much as I love the drama whether it's real or not, I knew I had to stop when I started quoting some of the things they say. Here are just some of what I watch on a weekly basis. It's quite eclectic I know. Not pictured: Amish Mafia because I'm still not sure about it, but I can't stop watching it!
on my radar - tv

Favorite Getaway: I never thought I'd call myself a "cruiser" but I am. I've been on two cruises to the Caribbean and I can't wait to go on my next one, whenever that will be. It's such a great way to see so many places in one trip. Next stop will have Turks and Caicos in it!

Favorite Food: When it comes to Filipino food especially made by my Mama or anyone in my family, it's over! I mean it! Maybe because I don't cook Filipino dishes at home and that I don't have it often. Hands down it is my ultimate favorite.

Favorite Quote:


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  3. Nice guest post! Green looks amazing!

  4. Locked out of heaven TOTALLY sounds like the police. And it's been on repeat in my house for sure.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Yay!! Thanks Tracy & Jessica for having me! I really enjoyed putting together this post!

  6. Great picks Christine and I love that Oprah quote xo

  7. Hi dear, thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. And yes I´m really happy that I´ve gotten this leopard-coat :-)

    I like your selection of this post so much because I´m really into the colour green. Maybe of this cause the background of my blog ist green ...

    Thank you for showing it.



  8. awwww I love this post. And I heart Christine! It was so nice getting to know a little bit more about her in this post! Now excuse me while I find some spring rolls to gorge on.
    ♥ laura
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  9. My nails are green on the blog today, so I feel on trend!!


  11. I love all of these items! Those green pieces are fabulous.


  12. The Big Bang Theory is such a funny show, I love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. gorgeous green.. love the earrings and the statement necklace

  14. Love the post!!
    Bruno Mars has been played in my house and car for awhile...
    Beautiful greens. The blouse is everything.

  15. Such a great quote :)

    xo Ashley

  16. I love that she chose her wedding ring:) It made my heart swell and let the BIG BANG THEORY LOVERS UNITE!

  17. YYY-la-la! I love green outfit, that dress is so sexy!

  18. Green has always been one of my favorite colors, so I'm really excited about it being color of the year!:)

  19. Great post by Christine. I love that quote from Oprah, and am also Filipino so I love the lumpia too:)

  20. are rings are almost the same. Mine just princess cut.

  21. OMG, you had me at Filipino food made by moms! Filipino food can only really be made properly by Filipino moms! Yay!

  22. the green dress is so gorgeous!That filipino food look so yummy too


  23. its been a plesure to know you a little more :)

  24. Lovely blog
    Thank you for your comment, following you back for sure


  25. Really cute, love this post!


  26. great post! I am a huge fan of all the shows you picked! xo


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