To a Tee

During Spring and Summer cute tees are a must for any girl's wardrobe. You need a variety of tees like the basic tee, colorful, embellished, and print tees. The plain white tee is a staple every one needs. Tees don't go with just jeans. You can wear them with shorts, pants, or skirts. I love taking a basic tee and pairing it with a skirt, heels, and accessories to dress it up. It's comfortable and chic at the same time. I have hunted online and found some of my favorite tees.

Jade Top - Heart Print Top - Dotted Tee - Sequin Sleeve Tee - Terrier Tee - Love Tee - Crystaled Neck Tee - Beaded Sleeve Tee - Lace Striped Tee - Great Gatsby Tee - Llama Tee

As a teacher, when summer break comes I know not only are the kids relieved but so are the teachers. My job is very rewarding but it can also be very stressful. Tees are a staple for me after work and over summer break. They are just so comfortable and easy to take care of. Plus with all of the designs and colors there are just so many choices.
What's favorite kind of tee? Right now, I am really loving the tees with studded sleeves or with sequin sleeves like the neon tee above. Tees don't just have to be plain cotton, mix it up with studs, sequins, and embellishments.

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  1. I like this lace striped tee:)

  2. I really like the simple white top on the first picture. Its just so hard to find a good size.

  3. I like solid colored tees as well as graphic tees. The thin cotton ones are indispensable for hot days.

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  4. Lovely ones. I have tooo-o many tees already and I always want new ones x)
    xo, Lara

  5. Lovely stuff!!! :-)

  6. I need more cute tees in my closet! I'm really into striped ones at the moment.

  7. I need to restock my tee collection. Many of them are old and losing their shape. They are definitely must-have pieces in any wardrobe!

    Fizz and Frosting

  8. Tees are a must!!! Cannot go on without it. From simple ones to embellished ones I probably have alot of them in my closet waiting to be worn!! Plus adding a jacket or cardigan can completely change the look too..so simple

  9. Lovely photos and nice blog.
    Love your blog !

  10. I love the Peter Pan collar blouse and the llama tee. They're both super cute! I don't think I'm very picky about tees - pretty much, as long as it doesn't have a neckline above my collar bone, I'm very happy. Anything above that feels like it's choking me.


  11. Great, useful post :) The t-shirt is such an essential and I love your selections!!



  12. I want Lauren Conrad's whole closet. I love the crystaled neck tee and the striped one.

  13. I'm with LC on the solid v-necked tees. Also, it's funny you used her in your post cause I was just nostalgically/guiltily watching Laguna Beach reruns last night!

  14. Pretty picks! Lauren Conrad liked one of my Instagram pictures & it made my life... it was of one of the shoes she designed for Kohl's!

  15. I would wear a plain white t-shirt everyday of my life (if I could)! It's so comfortable and you could dress it up or down! It's definitely an essential:)!


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