Piece Of Cake

No recipe to share today. Since I did not go into the office on Thursday I had all of these grand plans of the chores and errands I would complete. I also planned to cook a delicious meal complete with a tasty dessert to share today on the blog. However, I was tired and incredibly lazy. Not a single piece of clothing got washed, nothing got marked off of my to-do list, and the closest I came to cooking was throwing some vegetarian chicken nuggets in the oven for my dinner. Other than that I spent the day napping and catching up on tv I had recorded during vacation. Not very glamorous or for that matter neither was it productive. I will try to perk up this weekend.

This weekend I would like to ask that you let me know your favorite recipe. You can either provide me with a link, shoot me an email, or simply post it below. Totally unrelated, also feel free to share your thoughts on the Grey's Anatomy or Revenge season finales.

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  1. Hi dears, I think we all need those types of days sometimes. The Revenge finale didn't air here as yet but I am certain its going to be a cliffhanger. Cant wait. I wanted to share my favourite cheesecake recipe here but its far far too long for a comment!

  2. You have an amazing blog :) I love it ! Unfortunately all of my favourite recipes are in Polish :(

  3. Well done honey, sometimes we just need those lazy days to catch up on our mental health!!
    Here's my best recipe:
    And as a fan of Grey's anatomy, I haven't watched the season finale yet!!
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  4. wow so tasty I wrote it!

  5. Always stunning,love!Have a relaxed Sunday!;-)

  6. great blog ;)
    this is my blog : outsidekatte.blogspot.com

  7. Wow really nice!


  8. My favorite recipe:
    It's so good! Best bruschetta ever! Sometimes laziness is needed though and ordering a pizza or something is the best way to go with some couch time!

  9. I think we all kinda need to have those days occasionally. My favorite recipe is probably pepperoni bread. I don't actually have a real recipe for it, but basically, you either make your own dough or you get a thing of Pillsbury dough, brush some egg on the inside, put pepperoni and cheese inside of it, roll it up, brush more egg on the inside, and cook it for about like 36 minutes if you make your own dough or like 10 minutes if you use the Pillsbury stuff. It's really good!


  10. I wish I knew how to cook well enough to send you some recipes. Does making a grilled cheese count?

  11. Thank you for sharing your Cannes fashion insight with me. Wishing you have great week ahead!

  12. I love Revenge! The finale was great, can't wait for next season. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Don't feel bad! We all have weekends like that! I know I have.

  14. hiya dear,here's one of my fave recipes, this site is all about traditional Turkish food, here's the link:)



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