Today I wanted to talk about siblings. Do you have any siblings? I have two sisters (one older and one younger) and a little brother. I could not imagine life without my brother and sisters. We are very close- always have been and always will be. As kids, my sisters and I always played together and then later we always took care of our little brother. For the first fifteen years of my life I shared a room with one sister or the other. Even now we spend lots of time together and when we can't be together to call, text, or facebook. While we are very close and I love my brothers and sisters so much there is also no one can make me as furious as a sibling can, maybe that is because they know all of the right buttons to push.
Even though they can make me absolutely livid at times we always forgive and forget. If you have siblings you definitely understand this, right? Maybe it is because we know they will be the first people to stand up for us when someone is bothering us? Of maybe it is because we know they will be the first people willing to help out no matter what? Or maybe it is just because we know they are still the people we can act like little kids with?

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  1. I have two sisters. One older and one younger. We aren't close at all. I haven't talked to my younger sister in quite a while either. In fact, I've not talked to my mother in a long time either...she doesn't bother to call. It's been that way really since I moved over seas. I was the one that did everything when I was home & I needed to break away and find my own way and they just forgot about me in a way. It's ok though. I think if family is there for you, then it's good. But, if they are not healthy for you, then you must keep space. I try and talk, but they don't always listen. So, I can't do much about that. Keep close to your siblings, it's a great thing when you can :)) xx

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe I can share my family with ya? haha x

  2. Such a sweet post! I have a little sister and I love her to pieces :)

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  3. Beautiful atmosphere in this pisture !

  4. Love this post! I have a younger brother and we can still get under each other's skin, but it's great having a built in friend for life!

  5. aww i heart this! such a sweet post!! i'm so happy to hear you have such a close relationship with your siblings.. i have a younger sister.. but she's nearly a decade younger then me.. so we're not that close.. and i wish we were closer!!! but there's a slight generational gap between us.. and i moved away for college at 18.. and she was still in elementary school!! and i've always lived away from home since then.. sad face :( but i hope in the future if we can live closer then we'll be able to grow closer :)

  6. I'm an only child. Sometimes I wish I had siblings and sometimes I don't. HaHaHa It has it's advantages and disadvantages. You have a great family! Cherish each and every moment.

  7. LOL....I have an older and younger sis. Totally understand everything your wrote:) My sisters are my bestest friends, but they can also be the most annoying....mwahaha!

  8. Oh btw, just followed you too, via Bloglovin. For some reason I thought I already was.

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  9. Lovely picture! I have two sisters and we couldn't be any closer. They are my best friends!
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  10. Beautiful pic! I have two brother and one siste and I perfectly understand what you mean :)

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  11. Two younger sisters.. they drive me crazy but I (secretly) love them to pieces.

  12. I have an older brother who I am not close with at all. We're basically polar opposites. Although now that we're older, we are at least able to act civil towards each other.

  13. I'm the oldest! Two younger sisters and a younger brother and we're all pretty close in age. They're everything to me and I'd be nothing without them! I still live at home (gotta save the cash!) and it's been so nice to be able to spend more time together before all of us go our separate ways!

  14. i'm the youngest of 3 girls, but 7-8 years apart from them. growing up, they were close, i felt like an only child. now, as adults, we are close...i work with one of them!

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