Beautiful Tassels

Tassels are everywhere lately. Tassels are on home decor items, pillows, keychains, necklaces, shoes,and pretty much anything you can imagine. I love tassels. They just seem so playful and fun. If I see someone wearing shoes that have tassels on them, I automatically think they must be a fun and friendly type of person. Right now I am on the search for the perfect pair of loafers with tassels on them. I would love a fun color of shoes and tassels or a neutral shoe with a bright tassel. Do you have any ideas for where I should look? Below are a few of my favorite tassel pictures.

Aren't those earrings just adorable? The shoes above, I love, but I want a pair that is more light and fun looking. By this I mean I want brighter more playful looking colors. I also love the tassels on the bag in the last photo. I think tassels are a great accessory to add to a bag. I love that my Kate Spade bag has a beautiful tassel dangling from one side.

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  1. You should look on Polyvore! You can always find some great links that take you to stores you usually wouldn't think of :) good luck searching!

  2. I love tassels! Those earrings are gorgeous! I love tassels on purses too.

  3. I love tassels on shoes. My cat chases me through the house when I wear my tasseled loafers!

  4. I heart tassels. I actually would like to learn how to make my own!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  5. Those loafers with tassels on them are adorable!! If you find any, please post them.

  6. I love tassels!


  7. Love tassels, I have some vintage tassel earrings that I love to wear. It's a great way to jazz something up :)

  8. loooove tassels! i made some pompom tassels for my purse a few weeks ago and i also have tassel earrings, a necklace and shoes. wow, no idea i had so much! but definitely a fan.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  9. i'm such a sucker for tassels, especially on shoes. i love that first pic of the multi-colored tassels, i'd totally hang that in my apartment!



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