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My birthday is in two days and I would be lying if I said I was not dreading its arrival. I have never really given much thought to celebrating birthdays or for that matter considered them special events. It has always seemed to me that having such grand expectations for a single day is setting yourself up for disappointment.

While I cannot classify myself as a fan of birthdays it is not because I fear getting older. Instead it is because birthdays have always a time of huge reflection for me. I can be very hard on myself. It is how I have always been. My expectations for myself are high and I am dissatisfied with many aspects of my life right now. The last few years have not been what I had hoped for or what I had planned on.

I am just not anywhere near where I want to be in life and I am really unhappy about it. I have always been a bit of a naïve dreamer. As a result right now I am a little confused on what expectations I should have for life and I am upset with myself for failing to forge forward with a plan on how to get there.

With that being said I realize that changes are not going to happen without some hustle and sacrifice on my part. I hope that this new year of my life leads to me making some decisions, to figuring out who I am, to perhaps more importantly figuring out who I am not, and to me finding ways to make the best of my personality and skills.

To start the year off right I think it is only fitting that I be a little more optimistic about my birthday. Please share with me your thoughts on birthdays and what you do to celebrate or to make yours a little more special.

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  1. My birthday is at the beginning of September. I love birthdays :))) And you will have a marvellous one :))) I like to look at them as reflections of what was and what is to come!! We are always going to want to do more and see more, it is life. I think if we have all that we want, it would stunt us from growing further and further. So, I try to just wish for what I need at the moment to get me to where I'd like to be in the future, whatever that may be. It always changes. But, I don't really make plans, I just do things as they come. I hope your birthday will be marvellous :)) xx

  2. I've always loved birthdays. Last year I did have a moment of panic, where I felt like I was really anxious about getting older. But life is what you make it, so I embraced it and I haven't been happier!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. i'm feeling the same way since my birthday is in 2 weeks. it's definitely a time to reflect on what you've accomplished in the last year so they can be tough sometimes. i know we're both in the mindset right now that we are ready for change but a little scared to go for it. hopefully we both find inspiration soon to go for what we really want. happy early birthday!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. There are so many people that feel the same way you do. You're not alone. And sometimes when you think you have everything under control, something happens to change everything. I know it's hard to do, but enjoy where you are right now in life. Appreciate what you have right now. When God sees that you do, he will reward you with more. Enjoy. Don't worry. It could be the simplest things. You don't have to do a lot. Sending beautiful prayers your way. ((hug))

  5. I've always been a fan of other people's birthdays but certainly not my own - I don't deal too well with attention! I know changing the mind set can be hard work - i'm trying to be more positive in my own ways too but life is always a work in progress.

  6. Oh honey, don't be too hard on yourself and try to simply enjoy the day. Happy Birthday.


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