Denim Days of Summer

Who doesn't love denim? Denim is perfect year round. When it comes to denim the options are unlimited. You have shorts, jeans, tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, etc. Then you have so many options for the color of the denim and if you want distressed or not. Personally, I love all things denim. Jeans are a staple in my closet especially the dark wash kind. The right pair of jeans can take you out running errands, have you relaxing at home, take you out with friends, and even sometimes be work appropriate depending on how you style the rest of your look. Also, I think a great denim vest or jacket looks so sweet over a feminine summer dress. Those items can be great for transitioning some Summer items into Fall. Right now I am really loving this pleated denim skirt and this denim vest.
Do you have a favorite denim item your closet like I do? How do you normal style a pair of denim jeans?

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  1. I love denim! Nice selection!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  2. I have a dark denim jacket and a light denim jacket. I'm still looking for the perfect mid-tone denim vest to wear though. No luck at all thrifting. It may be an item I actually have to buy in-stores.

  3. Loving the flowers on the denim shirt. Nice picks. :-)

  4. I love denim vests, they are so easy to style and wear at any time. Gorgeous pictures xx

  5. I totally need a denim shirt that looks really cool. Love the picture of the bleach splattered one.

  6. You denim photos are all amazing!


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